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Editorial January - February 2008 Issue

Humane Religion Magazine was first published in 1996 with the March-April Issue, and ended its publication with the September-October 1998 Issue.  In those days the magazine was sent to subscribers by mail, and because of the high cost of publication and mailing, the magazine ceased its publication.

When we first began to publish this web site for Humane Religion, we tried to encourage J. R. Hyland to reinstate the Magazine as a web edition, because we believed that the content was too important to allow it to end.  However, due to Regina's illness, she was unable to devote the time and energy to continue to publish a full magazine, but she continued to write occasional articles which were published on the web site.

Following Regina's death last year, Jean Burns, Regina's sister, and we decided to publish all of the back issues of Humane Religion Magazine on the web site, and as a lasting tribute to her, to begin publishing the Humane Religion Magazine again as web site editions.  This is the first issue.  We also encourage other writers to contribute to our future editions.

When we look at most religions, today, we find them to be anything but humane, and this is particularly true with the Christian religion, particularly when it involves animal issues and the people who care about their well being.  Humane Religion Magazine is dedicated to eliminating all forms of cruelty and indifference to the suffering of others (humans or non-humans) in religion and in the the hearts and souls of its followers, so that we will truly have humane religion.

~Frank L. Hoffman

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