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Editorial: Where Are the Humane People?

Our editorial in the last issue talked about why we need to call ourselves Humane Religion, because most religions do not really practice humane living for the whole of God's creation.

So, where are the humane people?

They are everywhere.  They are in every major religion.  And, many of these humane people have left their congregations and religions, because of the hardness of heart they have encountered in their places of worship.  Many of these humane people even consider themselves to be atheists or agnostics.  Furthermore, in our opinion, all of these humane people are living more like the peacemaking children of God that we are all called to be, than the vast majority of so-called religious people.

In this issue you will find articles from several religious points of view that all speak of compassionate (humane) living.

Frank and Mary Hoffman


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