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September - October 2008 Issue

by J. R. Hyland

When we go to church, we pray for our enemies --
That God will destroy them.
We remember the poor, the destitute who have no sustenance. . .
And we pray that God will deliver us from them.

Our religion is not just for Sundays;
All through the week we talk about the weapons we need
 to bomb, burn and maim our foreign enemies
And how to deprive our domestic ones.

We put our prayers into action; we do not expect God
to do all the work.
We vote for: bombs and bombers, generals, admirals,
germ warfare, nerve gas, tear gas and nuclear tests.
We vote against: the poor, the handicapped, the weak
and the ignorant.

But thatís not all we do.
We travel to far continents, by ship and plane and satellite
To tell the world that we have bombed and maimed,
it must rejoice:

The Good News is proclaimed --



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