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Most of us know that  former President Bill Clinton went vegan about the time of his daughter’s wedding in Rhinebeck, NY in 2010.  He also cited T Colin Campbell’s well-known book based on the China Study explaining how he lost 24 pounds by converting to a plant-based diet in the hope of improving his heart health. The president gave up dairy, switching to almond milk, and says he lives primarily on beans and other legumes, vegetables and fruit, although he will, on rare occasions, eat fish.

This article in the New York Times is based on an interview with T. Colin Campbell, discussing the success of the book, the research behind it, and why he thinks the nation’s health woes can be solved by plant-based eating.


February 7th, 2011 at 8:36 am

I read The China Study on the recommendation of a holistic MD who “guaranteed” me that my cholesterol count would be down to normal after a 30-day plant based diet. He was absolutely right! He said he didn’t even need for me to tell him what I had been eating… the blood test showed it all! I’m so grateful to know the truth about protein… the lies that we’ve been fed so monetary greed could be given fuel for profits. I am disgusted to know the lengths that marketing has evolved into to manipulate and jeopardize people’s health. The findings of the China Study could save America from death’s doom! How about spending some money on awareness? Thank you Dr. Campbells for your commitment and honesty to raise awareness so that people (the consumer) can make informed choices on what they eat to maintain health and longevity!

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