The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking. - John Galbraith
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by Constance Young

The website for the prestigious muckraking British news source has published a video that was secretly filmed and produced
by the group Animal Aid.  The video exposes the horrendous treatment of
so-called "food animals" in slaughterhouses.  It is painful to watch, but
worth it;  and it is a particularly good argument for those who still think
that animals are no longer killed in a painful way.  Some would argue that
these ideas of painless slaughter come from programs like the recent Oprah show
who had Michael Pollin as a guest.  On the show he promoted this myth by siting
possibly the only  factory food company that uses Temple Grandin's less frightful
slaughter techniques [see our post on the Oprah show's vegan program.]

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