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Let’s Go Back To Beans And Rice

on November 5, 2010

Let’s Go Back to Beans and Rice.
In this week’s Meatless Monday column that appears in Huffington Post, where it has been runing every  Monday for months, perhaps years, Ellen extolls the need for, and unfortunate loss of cooking foods. Yes, she points out that maybe we’ve “lost our cooking genes.”  People eat fast [...]

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Good news for animals. The Animal Abuse Registry bill has
passed in New York’s Suffolk county. Will more states sign on? Read
this article in the Wall Street Journal for more information about the bill.

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A Happy Vegan Halloween!

on October 12, 2010

However you choose to celebrate your vegan Halloween, whether by watching scary movies at home or by taking the kids trick-or-treating,you can be proud knowing that a vegan Halloween is truly a happy Halloween.

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Bruce Friedrich is a public speaker that travels to college campuses and discusses the ethics of eating animals.  He argues that vegetarianism is an ethical imperative for all members of the student body, while two members of the college debate team try to argue otherwise.  It is difficult to debate against Friedrichs’ arguments  that eating [...]

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Dr. Neal Barnard was recently asked to answer the question: Which is worse for your health, smoking or eating meat? His response would probably be surprising to many meat eaters, as he said “both a pack of cigarettes and a package of meat should carry warning labels.”

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A new study headed by Dr. Michael Greger suggests a strong link between meat and dairy consumption and premature puberty in kids.

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On May 22nd, the MHVS Youth Group had a field trip to Catskill Animal Sanctuary and enjoyed a picnic for the pigs!

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Thanks to the hard work of school food and community health advocates, the problem of America’s burgeoning waste lines, and attention to the issue from Michelle Obama, Jamie Oliver, and others, [nutrition in our schools] is finally becoming an issue.

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The MHVS Youth Group held an event on March 27th called Toys for Tails, in which the kids made cat toys for the many homeless cats in our area shelters.

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This major and alarming report has been issued by a team of international scientists and policy experts. From the full article:

“Key findings in the report are staggering:

More than 1.7 billion animals are used in livestock production worldwide and occupy more than one-fourth of the Earth’s land.

Production of animal feed consumes about one-third of total arable [...]

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