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World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week is the week that surrounds April 24th every year - It's a national week of protests, media events, etc. at laboratories to stop testing and research on animals


The Animal Experimentation Scandal:
An Audit of the National Institutes of Health
Funding of Animal Experimentation

Audit Scope and Methodology

This evaluation is based on searches of the CRISP system for the following terms: mouse, rat, macaca (Latin species name for macaque monkeys), saimiri (Latin species name for squirrel monkeys), dog, cat, rabbit, guinea (to bring up grants involving guinea pigs without using the potentially confusing term pig), and hamster. While these terms will not give us an exhaustive picture, they should certainly suffice to provide a good measure of trends because these are often the most commonly used species in animal experimentation. Certain species were purposely not counted in totals in an effort to allow for potential duplication. The tendency here has been to be conservative, and avoid overstating the situation. However, trends in these other species will be listed as well for completeness. But overall trends are based on the species names listed above.

Searches run on these terms will bring up a list of all NIH-funded grants using these animals. This will not give us any information on specific animal use numbers, but it should reveal the number of different experiments that the NIH funds which utilize these species.

This system will not yield a foolproof measure of animal experiments. The results are from only one government agency. This evaluation totally ignores any experiments within the National Science Foundation, the United States Department of Agriculture, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Department of Defense, and many other governmental agencies. This examination also ignores privately funded experiments. This brief investigation is meant to give only trends in the most general terms. However, there is no real reason to believe that other entities, whether public or private, are moving in any other direction.

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