Act to End the Namibia Seal Slaughter
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October 2013

Namibia seal slaughter
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The Namibian government continues to allow and promote the slaughter of Cape fur seals despite the fact that the population has been hard-hit already by three mass die-offs (in which seals starved to death by the tens of thousands) since 2000.

Take action today to end this annual massacre

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Namibia seal slaughter

Namibia seal slaughter

Cape fur seals are really a species of sea lion. Two subspecies exist: the South African subspecies, found mostly off the coast of Namibia, and the Australian subspecies. The Cape fur seal pups are born between late October and early January. Most are born in December. The mother seals nurse their young for about a year or even longer.

For 140 days, staring around July 1st, the Namibian government permits the killing of about 85,000 nursing baby Cape Fur seals...on the pretext of creating employment for 120 unskilled workers living in cardboard shacks near the seal colony.

We wonder, are the leaders of Namibia unable to think of another way to provide employment for such a small number of people?

Namibia seal slaughter

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