Tell Your Congressmembers to END ALL dog experiments at the Veterans Administration
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WCW White Coat Waste Project
June 2017


In a statement just released to the Daily Mail ["Veteran's Center drops approved proposal for 'taxpayer-funded deadly experiments on dogs' in face of public backlash after Congress members demand answers"] the Los Angeles Veterans Administration (VA) has announced that it is shutting down its two-decades-old program that bred and experimented on Dobermans following White Coat Waste Project (WCW)ís campaign and pressure from a congressional coalition led by Reps. Dina Titus (D-NV) and Ted Lieu (D-CA).

The announcement comes less than a day after a brave Iraq war veteran came forward to WCW with photos and other disturbing details about the Los Angeles VAís dog lab, calling it a ďhouse of horrors.Ē

Now, only three VA animal research facilities are still conducting invasive and painful experiments on dogs at taxpayer expense: Richmond, Milwaukee and Cleveland.

Letís keep up the momentum from this historic victory! Email your congressmembers now and urge them to end all dog experiments at the V.A.

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In the secretive Los Angeles V.A. project that began approximately 20 years ago and was not exposed until last month, countless Dobermans were bred to suffer from narcolepsy. In a recently approved experiment discovered by WCW through the Freedom of Information Act, 24 more dogs were slated to be bred, injected with methamphetamines daily for six months, killed and dissected.

Anthony Bellotti, president and founder of White Coat Waste Project, stated:

Weíre proud of this victory for taxpayers, veterans and manís best friend. This long overdue reform will help the Los Angeles V.A. get back to the business of caring for and housing our nationís veterans, instead of wasting time, tax money and facilities operating a nightmarish dog laboratory and breeding colony. With Los Angeles closing down, only three V.A. facilities are still forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for heart attack experiments on puppies and other painful studies and White Coat Waste Project and itís 400,000 liberty-loving and animal-loving supporters will continue to hold V.A. accountable until they stop. One down, three to go.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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