Emergency Action to Protect Central Bison Herd: End Hunting and Harassment West of Yellowstone
Action Alert from All-Creatures.org


BFC Buffalo Field Campaign
October 2017

[NOTE from All-Creatures.org: Harassment, confinement, slaughter of bison is ALL done at the request of the cattle industry!]


Please use our sample letter below, and in your own words tell Montana Governor Steve Bullock and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Director Martha Williams that they must take emergency action to protect what remains of the Central buffalo herd and close all buffalo hunting west of Yellowstone National Park.



And/Or better yet, make direct contact:

Steve Bullock
Governor of Montana
(406) 444-3111
(855) 318-1330 (toll free)
[email protected]

Martha Williams
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
(406) 444-3186
[email protected]



The Central bison herd of Yellowstone has declined by 42% since 2016. This subpopulation has been in serious decline for over a decade due to the management actions undertaken by the Interagency Bison Management Plan.

Yellowstone National Park bison biologists and bison advocates are seriously concerned about the future of this herd. The Central herd migrates west into the Hebgen Basin and also north into the Gardiner Basin, meaning they are doubly impacted by hunting and capture-for-slaughter operations.

In 2005 the Central herd numbered about 3,200 individuals, and as of this summer, Yellowstone estimates that there are fewer than 850 who remain in this subpopulation. Based on this shocking decline, Yellowstone bison biologists are recommending that management actions -- particularly hunting -- cease in the Hebgen Basin.

I fully support this hunting closure as a first step. This would be a great place to start, especially now that wild buffalo have gained year-round habitat in the Hebgen Basin.

Clearly, more needs to be done. The majority of Montanans want wild, migratory bison throughout Montana. Wild bison need expanded habitat in Montana, particularly on the north side where every bison who migrates is met with Yellowstone's trap and the bottle-neck corridor that leads to the firing line killing fields. To accomplish this, MCA 81-2-120 needs to be abolished, and a new plan that respects wild bison like wild elk in Montana must be endorsed.

Right now, you need to take immediate action to end hunting in the Hebgen Basin to ensure the survival of the Central Herd. There is no time to waste!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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