Stop the Hog Wrestling at Caldron Falls Bar and Grill (Crivitz, Wisconsin)
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June 2019


Hog wrestling
Image from Unparalleled Suffering

For the past 30 years at the Caldron Falls Bar and Grill in Crivitz, Wisconsin, men and women have gathered to get drunk and torture pigs. Pig wrestling is a barbaric activity in which teams of four people chase, grab, tackle, and drag terrified pigs before slamming them into barrel drums or tires.

There is no relief at the conclusion of this ordeal, and the pigs, who are often injured, may be sent to another event or have their throats cut at the slaughterhouse.

Contact the event sponsor Miller Lite:
(800) 645-5376

Contact Steve, the owner of the bar:

Contact the Marinette County Sheriff's Department:
(715) 732-7600
[email protected]


There is an additional ugliness to this event as women in the crowd are often sexually harassed with no intervention from the event security. ARC Program Director Ashley Riddle attended the event in 2018 to help document it, and she describes her experience: I was sprayed by a worker with a hose, while fully clothed, after declining to lift my shirt as all the men in the crowd were yelling 'tits, tits' at me ... and then they all booed me (for not lifting my shirt).

The suffering of the pigs used for this event is horrendous. Causing pain to animals and making them fear for their lives for the sake of entertainment is just plain barbaric. And condoning sexual harassment, including exposing the many young children at the event to all this violence, is inexcusable.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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