Petition: Kentucky Needs a Clearly Written and Upgraded Felony Cockfighting Law
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FROM UPC United Poultry Concerns
January 2020


For years Kentucky has failed to present an updated, clearly written, and enforceable, law against cockfighting.

Existing legislation is not only inadequate, and confusing; it has been tampered with to address other issues.

In 2005 a judge dismissed all charges from a raid due to "ambiguity" in the law, and though the law was later enforced in this case, it had to be done through an appeal.

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There are clearly documented links between animal abuses and human abuse. To protect one is to protect the other.



In 2009 that same pit was raided, again, with over 100 in attendance. In 2010 uniformed law enforcement were videoed attending a cockfight without issuing citations, and despite an internal investigation, no consequences resulted for the officers or the pit.

In 2016, weak cockfighting legislation was used, by legislators, to minimize and undermine other legislation against dog fighting. The only thing that seems constant, regarding cockfighting legislation, are jokes about a fast food chain of restaurants, and the rhetoric of some who are suspiciously sympathizing of criminal conduct.

Kentucky citizens want a state that respects its laws and its animals. There are clearly documented links between animal abuses and human abuse. To protect one is to protect the other. This crime influences children to commit acts of animal cruelty for pleasure and profit. This kind of careless legislation has no benefits in any society, and we want laws that are rooted in justice.

Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns, Petition Comment:

Roosters are forced to act out human aggressive and violent impulses that have nothing to do with how roosters act in the wild. Compulsive fighting is not a natural part of the behavior of roosters living naturally. The anti-cockfighting laws and all related activities need to be enforced, in Kentucky and elsewhere in US states and territories. Please, KY officials, bring your state into the 21st century. Make cockfighting and all related activities a felony crime, and enforce the law and penalties.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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