Some PCRM 2021 Victories
An Alternatives to Animal Testing, Experimentation and Dissection Article from

FROM PCRM Physicians Committee
December 2021

white Rats

Over the last year, you had a tremendously positive impact on the lives of animals and people.

I hope these highlights warm your heart:

  • We stopped Vanderbilt University and University of British Columbia from using live Pigs in traiing programs
  • We ended Dog experiments in veterinary surgery training at Tuskegee and Auburn Universities
  • We trained over 5,000 scientists on how to conduct cruelty-free, nonanimal research
  • We shut down FIVE live animal laboratories, including TWO deadly dog labs at leading veterinary schools where innocent, healthy dogs were being maimed and killed. So many animals will be free and safe thanks to you
  • Saved hundreds of  animals used by the EPA in deadly animal experiments
  • We published groundbreaking findings from two clinical research studies proving that plant-based diets are better for our health
  • ... and more!

Thank you for believing in our mission—you really are changing the world.

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