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This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about bears is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute little animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

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Wishful Thinking


Bile Farming

Bear Bile - 01
(Bear - Bile Farming - 01)  In China there are about 7,000 moon bears kept in tiny cages for up to twenty years with painful catheters inserted into their gall bladders to extract their bile.  Doctors have confirmed that herbs would provide the same "medicinal" benefit, making the torture of these bears totally unnecessary, even if one could, in some way, justify the torture.
Bear Bile - 02
(Bear - Bile Farming - 02)  These Asian black moon bears suffer physically and mentally.  This moon bear exhibits stereotypical motion by swaying his or her head back and forth.  The tight confinement causes them to go crazy.
Bear Bile - 03
(Bear - Bile Farming - 03)  This is video still of a moon bear crammed into a very small cage.  To deliberately cause any living being to suffer in this way is evil.
Bear Bile - 04
(Bear - Bile Farming - 04) This moon bear is forced to lie in a coffin-like cage.  Rightly so, does God say that the intent of the human heart is evil from his or her youth (Genesis 8:21).  Human beings have proven over and over again that they cannot be trusted to treat farmed animals humanely. This is the primary reason we won't buy or use any animal products.
Bear Bile - 05
(Bear - Bile Farming - 05)  This is a video still of the inside of a Chinese bear bile farm.  Cage after cage are lined up on each wall.  These moon bears never get to go outside or enjoy any aspect of God's creation.  They are forced to suffer day in and day out for years.
Bear Bile - 06
(Bear - Bile Farming - 06)  A narrow rubber pipe was embedded under the skin and surgically attached to the gall bladder. The farmer extracted the bile through the end of the rubber pipe which exited the skin at the top of the bear's thigh. Animals Asia has received a number of bears with these "old fashioned" latex catheters and as this technique was phased out in the mid-80's, we believe that these bears must have been caged for approximately 20 years.  They phased out these catheters only because they became easily clogged and not for any humane reason.
Bear Bile - 07
(Bear - Bile Farming - 07)  A rubber pipe was connected to a fluid bag inside a metal box, which was attached to a metal jacket that held the box in place under the bear's abdomen. The bile drained through the rubber pipe into the protected fluid bag and was emptied approximately every 2 weeks by the farmer.
Bear Bile - 08
(Bear - Bile Farming - 08)  Varying in length from 5 to 7.5 inches, a catheter was surgically implanted into the bears' gallbladder allowing the farmers to milk the bears each day. During milking, the bears were tempted to lie flat on the bottom of the cage in order to feed from a low tray, thereby allowing the farmer easy access to the bears abdomen and catheter. Often, a metal 'crush' was lowered on top of the bears to force them to remain in this flat position until the farmer was finished. In many cases, the farmer never bothered to raise the crush: Animals Asia said that they were horrified to receive many bears in cages with crushes rusted permanently in the lowered position, pinning the bears flat to the bottom of the cage for years on end.
Bear Bile - 09
(Bear - Bile Farming - 09)  These are some of the metal catheters that were inserted into the gall bladder of moon bears.  They vary in length from about 14 cm. to nearly 19 cm. in length.  Imagine the pain we would have if such a device were permanently installed through our abdomen and into our gall bladder.
Bear Bile - 10
(Bear - Bile Farming - 10)  In recent years Chinese bear farmers have introduced a new and so-called humane, "free-dripping" method of bile extraction. This method uses no catheter, but sees a permanent hole, or fistula, cruelly carved into the bear's abdomen and gall bladder, from which bile "freely drips" out. During this type of bile extraction, the bears undergo the same treatment as the metal catheter method of extraction - they are tempted by food or honey water to lie on the bottom of the cage, whilst the farmer forces an unhygienic tube into the gall bladder which breaks the membrane that has grown over the hole, and allows bile to flow directly into a bowl placed beneath. The damage caused by bile leaking back into the abdomen, together with infection from the permanently open hole is as bad, if not worse, than the older style methods and causes a high mortality rate on the farms.
Bear Bile - 11
(Bear - Bile Farming - 11)  Forty six farmed Moon Bears in China came closer to taking their first steps to freedom as the cruel facilities which held them captive for years were recently closed down. Transported by road on the back of trucks, sick, stressed and fighting for life in their tiny wire crush cages, the bears arrived at the Animals Asia China Bear Rescue Sanctuary, where 139 bears have already seen their lives change beyond all recognition since October 2000.  Unfortunately, there are still another 7,000 moon bears suffering in these small cages.
Bear Bile - 12
(Bear - Bile Farming - 12)  This is another sad victim of cruel bile farming.  The moon bear was forced to live in pain in the cramped coffin-like metal cage for years.  Be kind to animals!  Don't eat, wear, or use their body parts.  Stop the demand and we stop the torture.
Bear Bile - 13
(Bear - Bile Farming - 13)  This moon bear is crammed so tightly into this cage that the cage is bulging.  The cruelty of some human beings is beyond our comprehension.  They must know that the moon bears are suffering.  Thus, our only conclusion is that these people are sadistic and enjoy watching the animals suffer.
Bear Bile - 14
(Bear - Bile Farming - 14)  This is another view of a Chinese moon bear bile farm.  To force these moon bears to live in these tiny cages for up to 20 years is demonic.  Speak out!  Stop the torture!
Bear Bile - 15
(Bear - Bile Farming - 15)  This mother and child are crammed together into this tiny cage; thankfully they have been rescued.  Moon bears suffer tremendously in bile farms.
Bear Bile - 16
(Bear - Bile Farming - 16)  On Chinese bile farms, moon bears, like this one, are forced to suffer the living hell of being confined in these tiny cages for up to 20 years.
Bear Bile - 17
(Bear - Bile Farming - 17)  This is Ciro, a moon bear, confined in a crush cage on a Chinese bile farm.  He has now been rescued by Animals Asia Foundation.
Bear Bile - 18
(Bear - Bile Farming - 18)  This is a so-called "modern" bear bile farm in China.  There is nothing "modern" about torturing another living being; it is as old as the Fall of the human race.  If humans were truly "modern" the torture of these moon bears, and all other farmed animals would end.  In fact, if humans were truly "modern" they would realize the errors of their ways and stop farming animals altogether.
Bear Bile - 19
(Bear - Bile Farming - 19)  This is the inside of an Asiatic black bear bile farm in Vietnam.  According to Animals Asia, "Less than 100 Asiatic Black Bears remain in the wild in Vietnam, whilst between 2,000-5,000 are held captive on farms so that their bile can be sold for Traditional Medicine."  Help stop the torture!  Don't buy traditional medicines that contain any animal products.
Bear Bile - 20
(Bear - Bile Farming - 20)  This is a closer look at one of the Asiatic black moon bears languishing is a cage in a Vietnamese bile farm.  Animals Asia reposts that: "Unlike China where bears are "tapped" for their bile, in Vietnam bears are victims of a variety of other cruel procedures. All are caged - some undergo crude surgery to remove bile from their gall bladders every three months which leaves agonizing, infected wounds and often leads to death after 3 or 4 such operations. Other bears have their gall bladders punctured with long needles which then "siphon" off the bile via a pump into a glass bottle. Continuous puncturing of the gall bladder often leads to bile leakage and a slow and painful death from peritonitis."
Bear Bile - 21
(Bear - Bile Farming - 21)  This Asiatic black "moon" bear has been tortured all of his or her life by cruel humans, and yet after all of this, the moon bear senses the compassion coming from Jill Robinson and reaches out a paw to her, and they touch each other.  This is proof that animals have a spiritual sense of understanding, just as we humans do, and they don't deserve to be mistreated.  Please stop eating, wearing, or using anything that contains an animal product, and support compassionate organizations such as Animals Asia.

Canned Hunting

Canned Hunting - 01
(Bear - Canned Hunting - 01) A tame bear was shot with two arrows in a facade presented as "wild bear hunting." This is canned hunting. Confined animals are murdered by "hunters."
Canned Hunting - 02
(Bear - Canned Hunting - 02) Troy Gentry kneels proudly beside a dead tame Cubby displaying plenty of weaponry.
Canned Hunting - 03
(Bear - Canned Hunting - 03) A dead Cubby is tagged, weighed and measured for the "official" reports of a once-tame bear who died from an arrow in his lungs that caused him to bleed to death.
canned Hunting - 04
(Bear - Canned Hunting - 04) Troy Gentry ("hunter") and Lee Marvin Greenly ("owner" of Cubby) proudly display their "conquest."
Canned Hunting - 05
(Bear - Canned Hunting - 05) Having bled to death after being shot by Todd Gentry, "bow hunter," Cubby's corpse has been to the taxidermist and is ready to be "posed" in someone's "hunter gallery."

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