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An Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery Presentation from

This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about Bison (American Buffalo) is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute and majestic animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

Wishful Thinking


Bison Hunting - 001
(Bison Hunting - 001)  As the photo clearly shows, these bison are quite tame, and these hunters are lining up to shoot them on 27 March 2006.
Bison Hunting - 002
(Bison Hunting - 002)  The bison are so used to seeing humans around, that they hardly take notice of the hunters as they walk by.  This is real betrayal.
Bison Hunting - 003
(Bison Hunting - 003)  Looking from another angle, we can see one of the hunters kneel down and take aim.  The buffalo are so trusting that they still don't realize that they are in grave danger.
Bison Hunting - 004
(Bison Hunting - 004)  Now all of the hunters begin to aim their weapons at the unsuspecting bison.
Bison Hunting - 005
(Bison Hunting - 005)  These expert hunters, who always claim to have "perfect kills" on the first shot, fire at the four bison, and three of them begin to fall.  To us, this is nothing but premeditated murder.
Bison Hunting - 006
(Bison Hunting - 006)  As the three buffalo on the right fall, the forth bison realizes that they have been betrayed, and begins to wheel around away from the others.
Bison Hunting - 007
(Bison Hunting - 007)  The bison on the left continued to wheel around and take aim at the hunter on the left in a vain attempt to protect the others.
Bison Hunting - 008
(Bison Hunting - 008)  The buffalo on the left is now in a full gallop heading for the hunter.  And, the buffalo closest to the hunter is still very much alive.  So much for hunter's bragging rights!
Bison Hunting - 009
(Bison Hunting - 009)  The bison on the left is still charging the hunter to try to save the others.  Note also that the other bison is still thrashing wildly in agony.  There is absolutely no compassion shown by the hunters.  They are killers to the very depth of their souls.
Bison Hunting - 010
(Bison Hunting - 010)  The hunter shoots the charging bison, who dies trying to save the others.  These bison show more compassion and concern for one than many humans.  The reasoning and action of this buffalo is proof that these animals have souls and spirits, just as humans do, but most humans seem to be too dumb to realize it.  It's time we begin to recognize the preciousness of all life!
Bison Hunting - 011
(Bison Hunting - 011)  A hunter shoots the thrashing buffalo, but doesn't kill him or her. He just succeeds in causing even more agony.
Bison Hunting - 012
(Bison Hunting - 012)  Going back to the other angle, we get another perspective on the murderers, who will never be prosecuted for their misdeeds.  This is immediately after the first shots were fired.
Bison Hunting - 013
(Bison Hunting - 013)  Again we can see the buffalo on the left begin to wheel around, as the others fall.
Bison Hunting - 014
(Bison Hunting - 014)  In this photo, we can clearly see that the hunter is pointing his rifle at the charging bison, but we cannot tell how many times he fired before killing the bison.
Bison Hunting - 015
(Bison Hunting - 015)  As the buffalo continues the change toward the hunter, he stands up as if unsure whether to run or shoot again.  There is no doubt that this bison is angry about being betrayed by human beings.
Bison Hunting - 016
(Bison Hunting - 016)  Unfortunately he shoots the buffalo in the head, and he or she begins to fall down.  There is no way of knowing how many times this bison was shot.
Bison Hunting - 017
(Bison Hunting - 017)  The bison to the right of the hunter is still thrashing in agony.
Bison Hunting - 018
(Bison Hunting - 018)  The hunters are watching the thrashings of the one bison, as if wondering whether or not they'd be wasting another bullet to shoot the bison again, and end the suffering.  We've seen too many such incidents to ever believe what any hunter says.
Bison Hunting - 019
(Bison Hunting - 019)  In the video it is very easy to see the thrashing of the one bison to the right of the hunter, but by looking at successive photos, you can still see the movement, and the obvious suffering.
Bison Hunting - 020
(Bison Hunting - 020)  Then three of the hunters move in toward the still living buffalo.
Bison Hunting - 021
(Bison Hunting - 021)  The hunter shoots again but fails to kill the bison, and with the increased pain the bison thrashes around all the more.
Bison Hunting - 022
(Bison Hunting - 022)  Then the other hunter shoots the bison, but he also fails to kill the him or her, and the buffalo continues to thrash around in pain.
Bison Hunting - 023
(Bison Hunting - 023)  The buffalo is still writhing on the ground.
Bison Hunting - 024
(Bison Hunting - 024)  They shoot the buffalo again...
Bison Hunting - 025
(Bison Hunting - 025)  And again...
Bison Hunting - 026
(Bison Hunting - 026)  ...before they finally killed the bison.  In all, they must have shot this buffalo at least 6 times.  These buffalo did nothing wrong.  They were just living their lives as God intended, but some people obviously don't like that!
Bison Hunting - 027
(Bison Hunting - 027)  Bison mourn the death of a companion, spouse, or child, just as we humans do.  Such suffering adds to the cruelty and sadistic nature of the hunt.
Bison Hunting - 028
(Bison Hunting - 028)  Hunting an animal as tame as these bison are, and causing such suffering, can only be described as cowardly and evil.
Bison Hunting - 029
(Bison Hunting - 029)  Cowardly and evil adult hunters are not content with having hardened their own hearts, so they proceed to rip the God-given tenderness and compassion out of the hearts of their children, and make them just as hard and evil as they are.
Bison Hunting - 030
(Bison Hunting - 030)  And another magnificent creature of God has his or her life cut short and falls over and dies at the hands of human beings.
Bison Hunting - 031
(Bison Hunting - 031)  This young boy is being trained to become a hardened killer of innocent animals.
Bison Hunting - 032
(Bison Hunting - 032)  The boy walks up closer to the fallen buffalo and shoots again.
Bison Hunting - 033
(Bison Hunting - 033)  To harden the heart of a child to the point of enjoying the killing of an innocent animal is, in our opinion, one of the worst forms of child abuse.  As the Bible teaches us, it would have been better for such a parent to have had a millstone tied around his neck and have drowned in the depth of the sea, than to have harmed a child such as this.
Bison Hunting - 034
(Bison Hunting - 034)  On 5 December 2005, these hunters take aim on one of the bison in a small herd of twelve, and shoot it.  This and the following 12 video stills show the misery and suffering caused by their violent act.
Bison Hunting - 035
(Bison Hunting - 035)  At the sound of the shot all twelve bison begin to run, including the wounded buffalo.
Bison Hunting - 036
(Bison Hunting - 036)  The bison quickly stop running, because these are nearly tame and used to the presence of man, which makes this cowardly act even more heinous, because the shooting is a act of betrayal, and in our opinion, an act of premeditated murder.  The wounded buffalo is the one on the right.  This is another example of a hunter not having a "clean shot"...oh how they lie!
Bison Hunting - 037
(Bison Hunting - 037)  The other bison quickly realize that something horrible has happened to their companion, and begin to come to his aid.  This is not the act of soulless animals; this is an act of caring individuals with both souls and spirits.
Bison Hunting - 038
(Bison Hunting - 038)  The wounded bison begins to turn and walk back to where they had been.  With total lack of compassionate, the hunters just watch and wait for the bison to die.
Bison Hunting - 039
(Bison Hunting - 039)  The wounded bison takes a few steps up the sloping field with the others following...
Bison Hunting - 040
(Bison Hunting - 040)  ...and he begins to fall.
Bison Hunting - 041
(Bison Hunting - 041)  The bison begin to sniff and nudge their fallen companion in an attempt to help him.
Bison Hunting - 042
(Bison Hunting - 042)  The hunters continue to watch as the rest of the herd comes to the aid of their companion.  Do the hunters express any remorse?  No! This delay is just an annoyance to them.
Bison Hunting - 043
(Bison Hunting - 043)  Very quickly all eleven of the bison gathered around their fallen companion and try to help him.  Does the love and compassion of the buffalo have any effect on the hunters?  No!  Their hearts and souls have become so cold and hard that they feel nothing.
Bison Hunting - 044
(Bison Hunting - 044)  Through the encouragement of the others, the stricken bison tries desperately to get back on his feet, as the others step back to give him room.
Bison Hunting - 045
(Bison Hunting - 045)  But the wounded bison is too weak and falls back down on the ground.
Bison Hunting - 046
(Bison Hunting - 046)  The compassion of the buffalo continues to annoy the hunters, and they come down and chase the eleven away.  This is just another example of why we consider the act of hunting to be so evil.
Bison Hunting - 047
(Bison Hunting - 047)  This photo of hunters preparing to shoot relatively tame bison on 29 Jan 2007 clearly shows that hunting is a sadistic and cowardly sport.  The buffalo are used to having humans around, and they just look on curiously.
Bison Hunting - 048
(Bison Hunting - 048)  The buffalo are so tame that the hunter can ride right up to them without them running away.  How can anyone say that they love God, and go about killing His beautiful creations for pleasure?  This kind of "sport" is totally against the teachings of Jesus.
Bison Hunting - 049
(Bison Hunting - 049)  It's easy to see how tame the buffalo are, because even after killing one of the buffalo his or her companions stands by.  The only way we know how to describe this hunting activity is by referring to it as being absolutely evil.
Bison Hunting - 050
(Bison Hunting - 050)  The hunter is so sure that the living buffalo will not attack him, that he turns his back to him.  It seems the buffalo understand God's commandment better than humans: "Thou shall not kill."
Bison Hunting - 051
(Bison Hunting - 051)  The hunter begins to drag away the buffalo he murdered.  Why, some may ask, do we call this an act of murder?  We call it murder because it's a premeditated act, which is being done for sadistic pleasure.
Bison Hunting - 052
(Bison Hunting - 052)  The face of death!
Bison Hunting - 053
(Bison Hunting - 053)  Oh how proud these sadistic hunters are of their killing!  Why are so many men so insincere that they only way they can pretend to prove their manhood is to kill an innocent animal.  All this killing really proves to us is how really small these guys are.
Bison Hunting - 054
(Bison Hunting - 054)  Another "he-man" getting photographic boasting rights!  This is so disgusting!  Why can't some humans learn to enjoy God's creation without killing part of it?

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