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This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about cats is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

Cat Exploitation - Wishful Thinking

Cat Exploitation - Reality

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Cat - Research - 01
(Cat - Research - 01) This is the head of a vivisected cat preserved in formaldehyde by the very vivisector who had experimented on her vocal chords (Boys Town Hospital, USA, 1996). Photo from PETA. Most likely this cat began his or her life as a companion, but later ended up in a pound, and was then sold to this research facility.
Cat - Research - 02
(Cat - Research - 02) This is a cat with implanted electrodes. Cats are popular subjects of neurophysiology experiments because vivisectors think that their brain is similar, in some respects, to the human brain. If it's not right to do this to a cat, it's not right to do it to any other animal. To us, it is also quite obvious that this was once someone's pet. Photo from LAV - Lega Anti Vivisezione.
Cat - Research - 03
(Cat - Research - 03) These are the remains of a cat that was experimented upon in Japan during the 1990's.  We cannot believe that God would condone such treatment of one of His created living souls; thus, such acts would be classified as evil.
Cat - Research - 04
(Cat - Research - 04)  This is the dead body of a cat that was experimented upon, in Japan, while he or she was still alive.  To us, it is doubtful that anything more was learned here than could have been learned in actual clinical situations where veterinarians are trying to save the lives of cats and other animals.
Cat - Research - 05
(Cat - Research - 05)  This is another photo of a dead cat from this Japanese research facility.  It doesn't really matter where this experiment took place, for once-affectionate animals like this one are being experimented upon throughout the world.  Evil is evil no matter where it is found.
Cat - Research - 06
(Cat - Research - 06)  This is another photo of one of the dead cats at this Japanese research facility.  From our own experience and from what we have learned, we believe that nearly all experimentation upon animals is nothing more than subsidized sadism.
Cat - Research - 07
(Cat - Research - 07)  This fully conscious cat was placed in this restraining device while vivisectors conducted experiments on his or her brain.
Cat - Research - 08
(Cat - Research - 08)  This cat had suffered an experiment upon his or her eye.  To us, the experiments people conduct upon animals, in the name of science, is an abomination before God.  Make sure that any organization you consider donating to doesn't support research on animals.  Check out
Cat - Research - 09
(Cat - Research - 09)  This cat has had an electrode implanted in his brain.  From the different reaction of each eye to light, it is obvious that this kitty has suffered brain damage at the hands of vivisectors.
Cat - Research - 10
(Cat - Research - 10)  This cat was used in experiments on blindness, involving the cutting of the nerves at the base of his brain (Boys Town Hospital, USA, 1996).  Photo by  P.E.T.A.
Cat - Research - 11
(Cat - Research - 11)  These cats are isolated in these tiny wire cages 24 hours a day, except when they are taken out to be experimented upon.  Anyone who has had a companion cat know how much these cats are suffering.
Cat - Research - 12
(Cat - Research - 12)  This is another photo of the horrors of research on cats.
Cat - Research - 13
(Cat - Research - 13)  This cat's mouth is being forced open to inject some medication as part of an experiment.  There seems to be no kindness in research; there only appears to be the inflicting of pain and suffering.
Cat - Research - 14
(Cat - Research - 14)  Undercover footage taken in a dental research center in Isfahan (Iran). Here we see a cat and a rabbit prior to being subjected to some nonsensical brutal experimentation. Studying the mouths and teeth of rabbits and cats to help humans?
Cat - Research - 15
(Cat - Research - 15)  Here we see a cat whose skull is about to cut open for some experiment at the Iranian dental research center. There are only superficial similarities between different species' teeth!
Cat - Research -16
(Cat - Research - 16)  Here we see the same cat whose skull has now been sliced open... for some experiment.


Cat - Fur - 01
(Cat - Fur - 01)  In China, cats and dogs are skinned for their fur, and their fur is shipped all over the world.  Cat fur is mostly used for trim and glove linings.  Cats and dogs are crammed into wire cages and loaded upon trucks to the taken to skinning and killing place.  Don't buy or wear fur!  Even faux (fake) fur can promote the sales of real fur and cause more pain and suffering.
Cat - Fur - 02
(Cat - Fur - 02)  When the truckload of cats arrives at the fur factory, sadistic workers deliberately drop the cage as they unload them.
Cat - Fur - 03
(Cat - Fur - 03)  In this video still, we can see the worker on top of the cages, release a cage full of live cats and drop it to the floor below.
Cat - Fur - 04
(Cat - Fur - 04)  Then the worker on the floor of the truck picks up the previously dropped cage of live cats and prepared to drop it again to the factory floor below.  They could gently hand the cages down, but instead they choose to be cruel.  This is all part of the "so-called beauty" of fur; don't buy or wear it!
Cat - Fur - 05
(Cat - Fur - 05)  In this video still, we can see the cage full of live cats falling to the concrete floor.  A fall like this always causes pain and suffering, and frequently produces broken bones.  Imagine these being your cats, and you will come closer to understanding why wearing fur is wrong.
Cat - Fur - 06
(Cat - Fur - 06)  A worker on the floor of the factory picks up the cages full of live cats and piles them on top of one another.  There is absolutely no concern for the well being of the cats.
Cat - Fur - 07
(Cat - Fur - 07)  In this photo, we can see a tabby cat grooming his or her injured companion in an effort to bring him or her some comfort.  These kitties have far more love and compassion than the humans.
Cat - Fur - 08
(Cat - Fur - 08)  A worker places another cage full of live cats in the pile.
Cat - Fur - 09
(Cat - Fur - 09)  Then a worker opens up a cage and slips a noose around the neck of one of the kitties and picks him or her up causing the cat to slowly strangle.  All of this is done in front of the other cats in the cages.
Cat - Fur - 10
(Cat - Fur - 10)  The cat flips around frantically to get free of the stranglehold.  Some people deny that there is evil in the world, but these video stills prove that there is.
Cat - Fur - 11
(Cat - Fur - 11)  Slowly the cat is lowered into another cage.
Cat - Fur - 12
(Cat - Fur - 12)  The cat is released and struggles to get a breath of air.
Cat - Fur - 13
(Cat - Fur - 13)  The cats are again strangled in front of their companions and brought to the skinner.
Cat - Fur - 14
(Cat - Fur - 14)  The cat is hung up and the fur is cut off of his or her body.  God gave this fur to the cats and not to humans. We don't need the fur of animals to stay warm. There are synthetic fibers that do an even better job.  People wear fur for reasons of lust, vanity, and pride, which the Bible teaches us are sins.
Cat - Fur - 15
(Cat - Fur - 15)  Once the skin is loosened around the shoulders, the worker begins to pull the fur off of the cat.
Cat - Fur - 16
(Cat - Fur - 16)  The fur and skin is pulled down the body of the cat.
Cat - Fur - 17
(Cat - Fur - 17)  And in just a few seconds, the cat's fur is pulled off his or her body, down to the hind legs.
Cat - Fur - 18
(Cat - Fur - 18)  Finally, the last of the cat's skin and fur is ripped off the hind legs.
Cat - Fur - 19
(Cat - Fur - 19)  The fur is flipped onto the pile of other skins, and the body of the skinned cat swings back and forth from the noose around his or her neck.
Cat - Fur - 20
(Cat - Fur - 20)  The bodies of many more dead cats lie on the floor waiting to be skinned.
Cat - Fur - 21
(Cat - Fur - 21)  A short distance from the bodies of the dead cats, the floor is covered with animals' scraped skins.
Cat - Fur - 22
(Cat - Fur - 22)  And on the edge of the room, a still living cat cries over the skins of his or her fellow felines.

Meat and Soup

Cat - Soup - 01
(Cat - Soup - 01)  This photo was taken at the Moran Market in Korea.  The heads of the cats in this cage appear to be covered with blood from being struck on the head with a hammer, but not hard enough to kill them.  To deliberately torture and inflict pain upon any living being is evil.
Cat - Soup - 02
(Cat - Soup - 02)  This is a cage of live and dead cats at the Moran market, where cats are sold to make soup.  Some of the cats in this cage are already in rigor mortis.  This photo leaves no question in our minds about the depravity of the people who are involved in this trade.
Cat - Soup - 03
(Cat - Soup - 03)  This mother desperately tries to comfort her dehydrated kittens.  They have been crammed into the bird cage to await their fate.  The people who run this operation appear to have absolutely no sense of compassion, which is an indication of how totally evil they are.
Cat - Soup - 04
(Cat - Soup - 04)  This is another photo of the mother cat and her kittens in the bird cage.  What these people are doing to these cats is evil; but they look at people who eat other animals who are treated cruelly and say, "What's the difference?"  And, they're right!  If we want them to change their ways, then we need to set the example first, by not eating any other animal.
Cat - Soup - 05
(Cat - Soup - 05)  The mother cat was taken away to her cruel death, most likely within sight and sound of her children.  If it's not right to make a cat into soup, then it's not right to make a cow or a chicken into soup, either.  We do not need to eat other living beings.  There is an abundance of plant foods.
Cat - Soup - 06
(Cat - Soup - 06) In a cage in the market place next to a restaurant, these cats wait to be put to death.
Cat - Soup - 07
(Cat - Soup - 07)  These cats and kittens are in a Korean restaurant cage awaiting their fate.
Cat - Soup - 08
(Cat - Soup - 08)  These dead cats pile up beside the butcher. They are to be skinned, as the ones on the table at the top of the picture have been.  We hope that these photos will help people come to their senses and realize that humans shouldn't eat any animal.
Cat - Soup - 09
(Cat - Soup - 09)  Seeing their fellow cats being butchered right in front of them, fills the caged live cats with fear and anguish.
Cat - Soup - 10
(Cat - Soup - 10) These large pressure cookers are used to liquefy cats to produce "goyangi soju," a tonic believed to cure rheumatism, as well as a variety of other ailments. These same cookers are used to make "gae soju" made from dog and "heuk yomsoh," a tonic made from black goats.
Cat - Soup - 11
(Cat - Soup - 11) Two of 20 cats in one of over 70 crates left in the hot sun for hours, awaiting their fate: being sold to a Shanghai restaurant. The activists were only allowed to spray some water on the cats that offered them some relief from the heat and something to drink. None of these cats were rescued because the "owner" had approved paperwork, eliminating any possibility of being arrested by the local police. Do people who eat cats also eat chickens and cows? Yes.
Cat - Soup - 12
(Cat - Soup - 12) Over 20 cats stuffed into a crate, awaiting their fate: being sent to a Shanghai restaurant. Activists were unable to rescue any of these cats on this day; only a few escaped and ran for their lives when activists were able to crack open a few crates. What kind of animal deserves this treatment?
Cat - Soup - 13
(Cat - Soup - 13) 70 crates of 20 cats each sit in the hot Shanghai sun awaiting their fate: being sent to Shanghai restaurants. Activists were unable to rescue any cats today and the police were unable to take action since the "owner" had the proper paperwork. They remind me of hens in battery cages. The difference is that these cats will be here for several days, unlike hens who live in cages for over a year and a half.


Cat - Abuse - 01
(Cat - Abuse - 01)  This and the next four photos, all taken by Coral Hull, are of the infamous "cat tree" just outside the tiny town of William Creek, South Australia.  The "town folk" see this as a solution to their feral cat problem; but to us, all it shows is how depraved and evil some people can become.  If these people had even a tiny bit of compassion, they would solve the feral cat problem as several organizations have through their TNR operations have done, instead of killing them in this grotesque manner.
Cat - Abuse - 02
(Cat - Abuse - 02)  Coral Hull said that the stench of the decaying flesh was overwhelming.  These feral cats have been hung up by their hind legs as a warning to tourists traveling through the area with their companion cats and dogs.  Such reasoning could only come from the pit of hell.  Anyone who would dump a companion animal is also evil; since, obviously, they don't care about the welfare of the animal.
Cat - Abuse - 03
(Cat - Abuse - 03)  There were twelve cats hanging from this mulga tree when Coral Hull took the picture; but the town folk, none of whom will claim responsibility, joke about the tree "sprouting more fruit" by the week.  This utter disrespect for life is an abomination before God!  This is the kind of animal abuse that the FBI uses to profile serial killers.  Anyone who is capable of doing this to a cat could do the same thing to a human being.
Cat - Abuse - 04
(Cat - Abuse - 04)  Some people may wonder why we would publish such gruesome photos.  We do it because the truth will set us free (John 8:32).  As long as we hide from such horrible acts of violence and keep quiet, these abominations will only get worse.  Violence only promotes more violence; and the forces of evil grow when "fertilized" by silence.  As long as people hide from these evils and keep quiet, they will remain slaves to the devil and never know the full love of God.  It's time to let the world know!  It's time to say, "NO!"
Cat - Abuse - 05
(Cat - Abuse - 05)  Feral cats are the product of human indifference and cruelty.  Humans cause the problem by "dumping" domestic cats; and the people of William Creek have to be pretty stupid not to realize that fact.  It is at this point that evil festers and grows:  the town folk can't seem to take out their frustration on the people who caused the problem, so they take it out on the cats, who are only trying to survive.  Until people become compassionate enough not to commit such abominations, laws need to be passed to protect the innocent.  Until we allow God's love to be perfected in us, we will never know peace.
Cat - Abuse - 06
(Cat - Abuse - 06)  This and the following 9 photos were sent to us by a person who found them on the internet and was just as incensed and outraged as we are at the senseless cruelty and absolute evilness that burned this adorable and innocent kitten to death.  We don't know the whole story, but the kitty seems to have had a flammable liquid poured over his or her head.
Cat - Abuse - 07
(Cat - Abuse - 07)  Then they set the kitty on fire.  All animals deserve the legal rights not to be tortured and abused like this.  Please speak out and demand an end to animal abuse and torture.
Cat - Abuse - 08
(Cat - Abuse - 08)  We hear some people say that there are no evil people in the world, and that only their acts are evil.  Well, this is absolute proof that there are truly sadistic and evil people in the world who enjoy seeing innocent and helpless beings suffer for their pleasure.  And they even made a video of their evil deeds so they could enjoy the suffering over and over again.
Cat - Abuse - 09
(Cat - Abuse - 09)  The terrified kitty is now trapped in a ball of fire.
Cat - Abuse - 10
(Cat - Abuse - 10)  The excruciating pain and terror can be seen in the way the kitty's toes are splayed out, as he or she desperately tries to escape the the torment.  And it's not just "pets" that suffer at the hands of evil human beings; billions of farmed animals are also being abused and tortured every year.  We need to stop it all!
Cat - Abuse - 11
(Cat - Abuse - 11)  The kitty frantically continues to escape the torture of the fire.
Cat - Abuse - 12
(Cat - Abuse - 12)  After another 33 seconds of frantically trying to escape the flames, the kitty collapsed, but didn't die.
Cat - Abuse - 13
(Cat - Abuse - 13)  The fire continues to burn the kitty.
Cat - Abuse - 14
(Cat - Abuse - 14)  Even after all of this torture, the kitty is still alive, so they doused him or her with more lighter fluid and set it on fire.
Cat - Abuse - 15
(Cat - Abuse - 15)  The kitty finally dies...If you're as angry and upset by this senseless torture as we are, then it's time to become an animal activist and help end the use, abuse, torture and exploitation of all animals.  See  Together, we can end the suffering and give animals the legal rights they deserve.
Cat - Abuse - 16
(Cat - Abuse - 16) This kitten was rescued wandering city streets. The vet she was taken to declared the kitten had suffered a concussion. We wonder how the injury happened and how many people saw this ignored it?
Cat - Abuse - 17
(Cat - Abuse - 17) South Portland police began investigating after getting numerous tips when a roughly 10-second video of their actions showed up on Twitter last week. The video shows one girl place the cat in the microwave, close the door and appear to turn it on. Police aren't sure how long the oven was on. The kitten survived and has been turned over to an animal shelter and named Miracle.
Basu Basu If these reality photos are disturbing, and you don't believe such things should be done to cats, then set the proper example by not doing such things to any animals, and by not supporting those who do.  Stop eating or wearing animal products or supporting any activity that exploits animals, and tell others why you stopped.

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