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This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about Fox is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

Fox Exploitation
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Wishful Thinking


Hunting | Fur


Fox - Hunting - 01
(Fox - Hunting - 01) One of the "spin stories" we hear to try to justify fox hunting is that those people only do it for the fun of the chase, and that rarely is the fox ever caught. They also try to tell us that the foxes enjoy the chase, too. Well, it's obvious that the fox who is being torn apart didn't enjoy "the chase."
Fox - Hunting - 02
(Fox - Hunting - 02) When dogs are trained to hunt in a pack, a frenzy results. If they catch the fox, which happens all too often, they all want a piece of the flesh and a taste of the blood. The result is that the fox is ripped to pieces.  This is a well known result of fox hunting, and shows how depraved and ungodly the people are who engage in this so-called "sport."
Fox - Hunting - 03
(Fox - Hunting - 03) This is all that's left of the fox these dogs chased into this stream. And the hunter stands by and watches.  To deliberately cause the pain, suffering, and death of another living being for human pleasure is an abomination before God.
Fox - Hunting - 04
(Fox - Hunting - 04) This fox was disemboweled by the dogs who were chasing him or her. This is just another of the evils of "sport hunting."
Fox - Hunting - 05
(Fox - Hunting - 05) As you look at this picture of a fox being fought over and torn apart by these dogs, also look into the face of the mother fox in the left column of this page. Think about what the Bible teaches us.  There is nothing loving or gentle or kind (Galatians 5:22-23) about fox hunting. Therefore, to engage in such evil activities is to knowingly fight against the will of God.
Fox - Hunting - 06
(Fox - Hunting - 06) This is another picture of the fox being ripped apart by these dogs. Let us not forget that these dogs were trained by humans to kill in this way. We can see the feet of one of these evil humans who stands by watching with obvious approval.
Fox - Hunting - 07
(Fox - Hunting - 07) This bloody mess is all that remains of a fox, much like the ones on the left, after the pack of dogs caught it. How proud human beings are of their evil acts! As long as people deliberately cause the pain, suffering, and death of another living being, we will never know true and lasting peace.
Fox - Hunting - 08
(Fox - Hunting - 08) This is a picture of a (once) beautiful vixen - we found her murdered on a country lane near our home. She had been shot through the head by a merciless gamekeeper - using a high powered rifle without permission. The police let him get away with it - but he will have to answer one day!


Fox - Fur - 01
(Fox - Fur - 01) This fox has been bred on a fur farm, where the foxes are forced to live in fear their entire lives in these wire cages. Note the forlorn look on the face of this fox as compared to the expressions on the faces of the wild foxes to the left. Many of these caged foxes actually go crazy. All of this torment is to satisfy human greed.
Fox - Fur - 02
(Fox - Fur - 02) This fox is being prepared for anal electrocution. The fox was pulled from his or her cage with a wire noose on a pole. Another person picks up the hind end of the fox by the tail, which is very painful and causes the fox to snarl and bite at anything within reach. The killers use this reaction to their advantage by putting a metal rod in the fox's mouth, which the fox bites down upon. The killers tightly clamp the now closed mouth and attach an electrical connection, as shown in this photo. After this, an electrode is forced into the rectum, and an electric current is applied until the fox is dead. Fur farmers prefer this method of killing because it fluffs out the fur.
Fox - Fur - 03
(Fox - Fur - 03) These are some of the skinned foxes' bodies. Their fur only looks good on them. We are filled with disgust when we see humans wearing animal furs. There is nothing attractive about wearing fur; because all we see is the wearer's hardness of heart and their lust of the eyes, their lust of the flesh, and their boastful pride of life (1 John 2:16).
Fox - Fur - 04
(Fox - Fur - 04)  Evil human beings have caused this fox to be in extreme terror. We call the people in the fur trade and those who lust after the fur, "evil", because as John tells us in his first epistle (2:15-16), they lust after the things of this world, which means that the love of God is not in them.
Fox - Fur - 05
(Fox - Fur - 05) This is another view of the electrocution of a fox. This is also a perfect example of how the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil (1 Timothy 6:10). Such people lust after the money and pridefully boast of their business enterprises; and their customers boast of the stolen beauty that their money has bought, lusting after the look and feel of the fur (1 John 2:16).
Fox - Fur - 06
(Fox - Fur - 06) This is the tortured look of tight confinement. The only way to end these atrocities is to not wear fur and to let others know why they shouldn't wear fur, either.
Fox - Fur - 07
(Fox - Fur - 07) In Galatians 5:22-23, Paul teaches us that one of the fruits of a Christian's spirit is "love"; but there can be no love for the fox when all that is desired is to kill him or her and steal his or her fur.  Another fruit of the spirit is "joy", which is being denied the fox; and it is not "joy" that one acquires by wearing fur from the suffering and death of another living soul - it is the sin of lust.
Fox - Fur - 08
(Fox - Fur - 08) As we look at this caged fur farm fox, let's consider some more of the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23): peace. It is obvious that this fox, being forced to live in this cage, has no peace. We also find it hard to imagine how any human fur wearer could have true peace, when they know that their fur belonged to others who suffered and died to satisfy their lusts.
Fox - Fur - 09
(Fox - Fur - 09) These are the bloody remains of a fox who had the fur ripped off of his or her body. This photo shows just how ungodly the fur trade really is, for one of the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) is "kindness".  It is obvious that there was no kindness shown to this fox or to any other animal who has suffered and died so others could wear his or her fur.
Fox - Fur - 10
(Fox - Fur - 10) Row upon row of caged foxes suffer at this fur farm. Nothing is being done for the good of the foxes, which proves that the fur trade and those who wear the fur are ungodly; for "goodness" is another of the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). For without "goodness" in their hearts, such people are living in the flesh and will not inherit the kingdom of God (Galatians 5:21).
Fox - Fur - 11
(Fox - Fur - 11) We don't know the full story behind this gruesome fur farm photo, so we will let it speak for itself.  This horror can end if people stop wearing fur.
Fox - Fur - 12
(Fox - Fur - 12) Trapping is one of the most cruel and sadistic enterprises that any human being could engage in. Trapping causes long hours of excruciating pain.  Have you ever caught a finger in a door? Do you remember how much it hurt? With a leg hold trap, the whole leg is slammed into the jaws of the trap and the agony goes on for hours, and even days.  Put an end to the suffering!  Stop wearing fur!
Fox - Fur - 13
(Fox - Fur - 13) Look at how badly the leg hold trap mutilated this fox's leg. Just imagine how you would feel suffering this way until you finally died. Just because humans have the power to be so cruel, is no excuse for doing so.  And, anyone who supports this "activity" is just as evil as the trapper.  Say no to fur!
Fox - Fur - 14
(Fox - Fur - 14) If the fox is still alive when the trapper arrives, he stands on the fox's neck and chest so that the fox cannot breathe and dies of suffocation. Rightly so does the Bible teach us that even the compassion of the wicked is cruel (Proverbs 12:10).
Fox - Fur - 15
(Fox - Fur - 15) A fox's paws were not created to walk on the wire mesh that is used in the construction of this and other fur farm cages. When the wire slips between the toes, it is painful. Farmed foxes know nothing but misery their whole lives.  Why? Just so some selfish humans can "enjoy" the feel of their fur.
Fox - Fur - 16
(Fox - Fur - 16) Anyone with a sensitive heart can see the suffering expressed by this fox. Compare the look and expression of this fox with those of the wild foxes we photographed.
Fox - Fur - 17
(Fox - Fur - 17) This is a photograph of a partially skinned fox at a fur farm. This fox suffered and died to satisfy the human sins of the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, and the boastful pride of life.
Fox - Fur - 18
(Fox - Fur - 18) This is another fox that is forced to live in misery in this cage on a fur farm.
Fox - Fur - 19
(Fox - Fur - 19)  Foxes confined for life at a fox fur farm operated by a Catholic Priest in Joliet, Illinois, who callously promotes the continual corruption of creation by "owning" foxes confined in horrendous conditions. Some people consider wearing "fur" fashionable. Only on the fox IS for fur beautiful!
Fox - Fur - 20
(Fox - Fur - 20)  Empty cages show the wired cages where foxes are confined in at a fox fur farm operated by a Catholic Priest in Joliet, Illinois. What does Father Ross not understand about compassion? How horrific must this confinement be for a wild animal? For ANY animal??
Fox - Fur - 21
(Fox - Fur - 21)  Images of Father Ross's fur farm in Joliet, Illinois, in the winter. These wild animals would be thriving in this weather if they could run and be free. Instead they're forced to live their entire lives on wire, inside wire, with nothing natural provided. These animals will be slaughtered so someone who wants to wear "fox fur coats" or "fox fur trim."

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