OrcaOrca Exploitation
An Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery Presentation from All-Creatures.org

This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about Orcas is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

Orca Exploitation
Table of Contents

Orca Exploitation - Wishful Thinking

Orca Exploitation - Reality

Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 01
(Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 01)  Some unlucky orcas are captured and forced into a life of slavery. Capturing orcas is an extremely barbaric process. Along with bombs and small aircrafts, which are sometimes used to corner the pods into an inlet, nets are used to separate the infants from the adults as they cry out, desperately attempting to reach each other. This is kidnapping! This is evil! The best way to stop this barbarity is to stop going to places that put animals on display.
Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 02
(Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 02)  One at a time the infant orcas are removed from the ocean, their real home, never to see their families again. Only humans are capable of being this cruel. It's time that it stops. Do not support any theme park that features animal entertainment or has animals on display.
Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 03
(Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 03)  Young orcas are dragged away kicking and screaming. Kidnapping these beautiful animals is an example of humankind's blatant disrespect for life.
Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 04
(Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 04)  This young orca has just been lifted out of the water and is about to enter into a life of slavery, to be exploited for human entertainment. She will never see her family again. This female has now become property to the highest bidder. Think of how you would feel if you or your child were kidnapped from your family and forced into slavery, and you may have some idea of how these orcas feel.
Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 05
(Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 05)  The marine park industry is a lucrative business at the expense of an animal’s life and is a perfect example of man dominating and exploiting nature in the name of profit. Counter to the advertising we've seen, there is nothing educational about these orca tricks, because this isn't the way they live or behave in the wild.  The only thing these parks teach is how to exploit animals for profit.  If people stay away from these marine parks, this evil will stop.
Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 06
(Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 06)  Don’t be fooled by the appearance of a smile on Lolita’s face. She has been held captive in this illegal tank for 33 years. Lolita is hand fed dead fish for performing the same monotonous show twice a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year with no vacation and no retirement plan. The only ones having "fun" are the spectators. “It’s even monotonous for the trainers, having to perform the same show over and over again. Imagine what it’s like for Lolita.” ~Ric O’Barry, former Seaquarium trainer and author of To Free A Dolphin.
Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 07
(Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 07)  Bad education…. At marine parks, the subconscious message that children receive is that it is okay to exploit animals for profit. There is no educational benefit from watching an orca breach out of a tiny tank with a “trainer” on her nose. It’s a spectacle of dominance, much like the Roman Coliseum. We also believe that such spectacles harden the hearts of children from their natural feelings of compassion for all living beings. “Education at marine parks is like asking Walt Disney to teach us about mouse biology. It’s fantasy.” ~Ken Balcomb Marine Biologist Center for Whale Research.
Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 08
(Orca Exploitation - Entertainment - 08)  Without any other orca, Lolita is completely deprived of social interaction with her own kind. The sterile, empty tank is like a house of mirrors for a whale and a form of sensory deprivation. She no longer has any need for her sonar. It is truly a lonely existence for such a graceful animal. Now she can only dream of the ocean and the family she once knew.

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Photos From: Rattle the Cage Productions and Lolita: Slave to Entertainment - See our video review: Lolita: Slave to Entertainment

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