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Since the deaths of James and Doreen Thompson, The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation and decided to continue hosting and maintaining this web site as a lasting memorial to them.

Learn more from the book The Animals' Padre: The Life and Works of James Thompson By Phillip Jones. You can purchase the book or download the FREE PDF on that page.

James Thompson’s quest for Christian truth based on a biblical foundation, has led him to minister in several major denominations of the UK. But they’ve all had one thing in common! They’ve, sacrilegiously, sought to shrink the love of God! Christ’s redemption is for the whole of creation, but they have dared to shrink it as exclusive, at most, to a vain humanity.

Pastor James wants to see a Christianity becoming as herbivorous as the original Paradise. A Church’s Ark of salvation at least as accommodating as Noah’s. A Gospel proclamation as practical to the plight of animal needs as was the Saviour’s act of liberating those destined for religious slaughter. Yes, a Christ who chose His birth amongst animals, and later identified His character with good animal carers: shepherds of His day.

Pastor James wants to see worship as inclusive today as in a future Paradise where representatives of the animal kingdom are figuratively portrayed as leading the worship of the redeemed in Glory. Yes, a future Kingdom foretold where the lion eats straw like the ox and a little child – the One with a palm branch in his hand! – becomes the focal point. For then it will be that the earth shall be as full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

Peaceable Kingdom

Alas! Such biblical knowledge appears far removed from the human chauvinistic theology of today’s Christendom. A travesty to the One who chose birth as a human in a cattle shed; who called himself the Good Shepherd. Yes, and is worshipped at the last in the form of a lamb.

To open the eyes of a blinkered Christianity to true biblically based concepts has been the calling of this animals’ padre! And along with this message in words to humanity, his far more relevant proclamation of the ‘Gospel to every creature’ via deeds. Perhaps you’d care to join him! If so then ‘take up a prophets mantle and an apostles staff’. The dumb creation needs us! We could have been one of these abused animals. Meanwhile, welcome to this site!