Animals Saved Thanks to Activist Judy Carman
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IDA In Defense of Animals
September 2017

Judy Carman

This week's Activist Appreciation Month feature story honors the noble efforts of Judy Carman, who has rescued turkeys, quail, and a steer from needless suffering to live instead in safe forever homes at animal sanctuaries.

When Judy learned that a "game bird" business in Kansas was permanently closing its doors and selling off the remaining birds, she leapt into action to save them. Sadly, hunters use these beautiful birds to train their dogs to find them so the hunters can kill them. They also release them from their pens and shoot them.

"The oxymoron of the word 'game' in this activity is an example of the lengths to which human beings will go to justify violence toward small, innocent lives," said Judy. "It is hardly a game to helpless birds who have known nothing except life in a pen. Suddenly they are placed in a terrifying situation, unable to defend themselves, chased by dogs, and shot by hunters."

With the help of Operation Wildlife (OWL), these seven bobwhite quails, twelve ringneck pheasants, and seven Eastern wild turkeys were released into a 70-acre forest surrounding the wildlife rehabilitation center, where they will live their lives in a relatively safe habitat with plenty of food and shelter.

On the heels of this incredible rescue, Judy was contacted by a gentleman who wanted to save a handsome Scottish Highland steer named Laddie from slaughter. Again, she sprung into action and found a new home for Laddie at Sasha Farm: Sanctuary and Safe Haven for Animals in Michigan, where he will be able to live the rest of his life happily with another Scottish Highland friend.

We thank Judy for her remarkable efforts to save animals in these back-to-back rescues. Together, we can build a supportive activist community to spread the consciousness of lovingkindness and nonviolence.

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