Stop Cruelty in ChurchesStop Cruelty in Churches
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Stop Cruelty in Churches

Compiled by Kim Nguyen

Sometimes people choose to be blind even when faced with horrible truths simply because itís easy not to care or get involved!

Let us stand together and tell the world that the killing of animals is WRONG, and the consumption of their flesh is also wrong, not to mention unhealthy.

As Jesus is telling us, when the Holy Spirit comes upon us, we are supposed to have a soft and compassionate heart that has empathy for the whole of Godís creation.

Clergy, like most working people, are afraid of losing their jobs, thus they are reluctant to buck the traditional flesh eating lifestyles of their congregations, and we well understand why this is happening.

The other thing we donít understand is why so many church leaders are seemingly afraid to teach these truths to their congregations and to welcome with open arms those compassionate people who care about animals and donít eat them.

Instead they seem to want to paint the vegan and vegetarian people, who are truly after the intent of Godís heart, as the bad guys and make them so uncomfortable that they most often leave the church.

All clergy should be teaching, instead of falsely saying that God wanted us to sacrifice animals and eat them, which brings us to todayís continued message of why compassionate people are being chased away from the church.

How much better this world would be if the churches really taught the truth about Godís creation and heavenly will for our lives, where we could truly learn to be the loving, compassionate, and peacemaking children of God that Jesus calls us to be, and with the bonus of being healthy.

We would no longer inflict pain, suffering or death on any other living being, whether they are human or non-human, and we would begin to see true peace developing in this world.  There would no longer be any indifference to the suffering of others.

In order to kill another living being, or even to cause them pain and suffering, to satisfy our own pleasure (which is what flesh food are, becasue we donít need them to live a healthy life), we must first harden our hearts to the feelings and desires of that individual animal who wants to live the life God created for them as much as we do.  And the more we do this, or allow or pay other to do it for us, the more harden our hearts against the heavenly will of God.

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