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"There is no such thing as "humane fur"

Facts about Fur Production

Fur: Frequently Asked Questions



Fur Farms (05:50) - The industry standard of how animals are typically raised and killed for their fur.

Raccoon Dogs Skinned Alive for Fur (1:10) Many companies falsely label products as "fake" or as "Asian raccoon" when in reality the fur is from raccoon dogs. Boycott ALL fur and fur trim whether it is considered fake or real. You will be shocked at this brutality.

Wool Industry Exposed (03:34) In this shocking video, Pink exposes the cruelty in the Australian wool industry and calls for a boycott until the Australian government bans the cruel practices of mulesing and the exportation of tens of thousands of sheep each year.

Live Animal Exports - Indefensible (03:56) - This moving documentary shows the routine handling of Australian sheep exported to Egypt. People in the Middle East believe Australians approve of this treatment of animals because of the willingness to supply animals to the region.

Change is Needed (03:02) - This video highlights the need for Egyptian authorities to pass animal protection laws, and includes footage of Australian and non-Australian animals in Egypt.

Message from Project Runway Winner (04:29) - Project Runway season 1 winner Jay McCarroll and the Humane Society of the United States produced this film about what goes into fur and fur trim. Make a real statement: make compassion your fashion.

Major Department Stores Selling Real Fur Labeled as "Fake" (02:00)  The HSUS uncovers false online advertising at Macy's (and other major stores), where real fur coats are marketed as faux.

Would You Wear It if You Knew It Was REAL?  (03:00) This video depicts what is really going on in the Chinese fur trade. Products exported to the U.S and other countries are often labeled as imitation products. But in reality, a lot of these items are real.

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