Changing For Good (2018 Handout)
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Peoria Area Voices for Animals / AFA Action for Animals
May 2018

Please view our recently updated booklet, CHANGING FOR GOOD (PDF). If you feel it's helpful, feel free to use and/or share it! Contact [email protected] to buy/order leaflets.

Our leaflet is not a watered down suggestion to reduce consumption of violence or to go “veg.” It is an accurate look at speciesism and what countless individuals are forced to endure just because they were born into a species other than our own. It is what we would want people to say on our behalf if we were the victims born on death row, enslaved, mutilated, sexually assaulted, separated from our families and friends, forced to endure violence and brutality beyond our worst nightmares, with no hope of escaping the violent murder planned for us long before we were even born.

Peoria Area Voices for Animals is a volunteer-run group for anyone interested in animal rights, anti-speciesism, and/or veganism in the Peoria, Illinois, area. Through peaceful activism (demonstrations, leafleting, food sampling, letter writing, speaking out on behalf of non-human animals, and tabling at local events), we work to:

  1. Educate people about the extreme suffering and oppression of non-human animals caused by speciesism and the speciesist decisions humans make every day;
  2. Inspire people to align their actions with their values by rejecting speciesism, adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle, and ending their financial and moral support of animal use and exploitation; and
  3. Provide social support to those interested in veganism and anti-speciesism and those interested in becoming active for our fellow Earthlings.

Changing for Good handout

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