Conflict Among Veg*Ns: Ethics Vs. Health
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Owen Rogers, Faunalytics
December 2018

Sometimes it feels like veg*ns have as hard of a time getting along with each other as they do creating a veg*n world. This study looks at conflict among non-meat eaters.

Within the movement to reduce animal consumption, there are two main (non-exclusive) divisions that can be made. The first is based on motivation: some are motivated by health concerns, whereas others view it as a moral issue. Furthermore, in each group are vegetarians — those who abstain from meat only — and vegans, who abstain from all animal products. This study attempts to determine what each group thinks about the other.

The authors were correct in their belief that ethical vegetarians in both tests would view vegans more favorably than health vegetarians. However, ethical vegans viewed their vegetarian counterparts more favorably than health vegetarians—the opposite of what the authors expected.

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