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FROM Black Vegans Rock
August 2020

Diverse Vegan (est. 2018, Morocco), is a global online community platform.

diverse vegan

Naomi Israel is a woman who is living out her dreams living abroad and inspiring others as a wellness coach. Previously a banker, she was once tired and miserable, but all that changed when she decided to listen to the call of her heart. Now she’s passionate about helping others get on the path to wellness.

Through her online platform, Diverse Vegan, (est. 2018)- Naomi is building community around healthy eating and veganism – with an unbiased approach towards nutrition, travel, health, wellness, and advice while living a plant-based lifestyle!

Naomis Israel

Through her platform, she wants people to gain a unique approach to eating and living that can help you thrive while being healthy and happy in all aspects: mentally, physically and emotionally.

So, whether you're vegan, a flexitarian, vegetarian or simply curious about adopting healthier alternatives relating to a plant-based lifestyle, the Diverse Vegan community has got you covered.


Website: DiverseVegan.com

Facebook: Diverse Vegan 

Instagram: @diversevegan

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