Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy
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Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy
May 2016

We are delighted to announce the launch of The Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy (CEVA), whose mission is to increase the impact of vegan advocacy worldwide. CEVA offers unique, empowering programs and resources for vegan advocates and organizations around the world in order to help bring about rapid and powerful change for animals.

CEVA offerings include:

  • on-site trainings for vegan advocates and organizations
  • organizational consulting
  • grants for qualifying vegan projects
  • a strategy resource center

CEVA also offers public presentations on strategy and effectiveness. And thanks to a generous grant that covers many of our expenses (including much of our travel), we are able to offer our services at very low to no cost.

CEVA was co-founded by longtime strategists and trainers Dr. Melanie Joy and Tobias Leenaert, who sought to fill a critical gap in vegan outreach: to provide the ambassadors and influencers in the vegan movement with formal training in identifying and implementing the most effective advocacy methods and to help these ambassadors become multipliers.

Also, evaluating agencies and donors are increasingly using metrics to determine where funds should be allocated. Those (often smaller) organizations which may have committed leaders and high impact or high impact potential but which lack proper resources and training may risk losing funding because they cannot actualize or demonstrate their impact. CEVA empowers promising organizations by providing the support necessary to maximize and measure their impact.

The methods advocated by CEVA are based on the extensive professional training and experience of our team, who have 30 years of combined experience, and on empirical data whenever possible.

Please visit Effective Vegan Advocacy for more information, and help us spread the word by sharing this announcement among your networks!

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