Four Effective Ways to Help Animals From Anywhere
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Direct Action Everywhere DxE
October 2016

1. Use Every Social Gathering As An Opportunity To Speak Up For Animals

You can change social norms by making a powerful commitment to friends and family to refuse to eat with them when they are eating animals. Represent your pledge by sporting a fork bracelet everywhere you go. When people ask you what it is, tell them about the commitment youíve made for animals.

Take The Liberation Pledge Here:

2. Help Animals Virtually

Too busy to drive to protests and meetups? Join a working group and help animals behind the scenes with the time, skills and resources you are able to contribute. DxE has multiple working groups. You can take on anything from big projects to small tasks from the convenience of your laptop. One person doing their part can make a big difference!

Sign up to join:

3. Use Social Media To Help Animals From Anywhere

We canít defy the laws of physics and be in two places at the same time. But to the extent we can, itís because of social media. Going to the grocery store during your lunch break? Take flowers and place them on animalsí bodies at the store. Take a photo and post it on social media. Additionally, make a commitment to sharing images and videos of rescue and liberation.

Email: [email protected] to see how you can help with social media.

4. Become A Host To Visiting Activists

Maybe you canít leave home because youíre busy taking care of non-human animals, but you can invite others in! Hosting activists from out of town is a great way to help animals. When you host activists you allow activists to connect with one each other, develop trust, share interests, and spread important skills and knowledge.

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