Largest CUBE OF TRUTH in the World
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Jane Unchained
May 2018

largest cube of truth

The largest Anonymous for the Voiceless' CUBE OF TRUTH in the world, took over San Fransisco on May 28 with thousands of committed activists participating from multiple countries, including the U.K., Australia and Spain!

With over 53 organizers from around the world, one main MEGA CUBE and twelve smaller surrounding cubes, the CUBE OF TRUTH is a static art performance designed to draw people into having a value-based conversation about animal rights, providing important educational information.

Computer monitors and large screen televisions display videos of the truth of the horrors of animal agriculture and factory farming of chickens, cows, pigs and fish.

"Today IS the day we take massive action for the animals," spoken by one of the founders of Anonymous for the Voiceless, Paul Bashir.

cube of truth

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