The Real Story is Getting Out - Ateret Speaks About Flower Protest
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March 2017

Ateret Goldman is a 15 year-old-girl who laid flowers in a Whole Foods meat case, in light of multiple investigations showing extreme cruelty and fraud in the company's supply chain.

flowers on meat

She, along with a friend who taped her symbolic protest, is now being charged with multiple felonies. The company alleges her flower damaged $1000 worth of meat. (Apparently, Whole Foods steaks are even more overpriced than we thought.)

The Daily Camera published Ateret's response to the charges. Read her entire letter here.

An excerpt:

"I was accused of property destruction for an act I took specifically to contest the idea that animals are property. I wanted to show that the "meat" that Whole Foods was selling came from the body of someone, not something.

How better to underline this issue than to accuse me of property destruction?"

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