The Seed Never Sees The Flower
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Che Green, Faunalytics
October 2017

But despite the doom and gloom, my personal view is not depressed or cynical. In fact, Iím perhaps surprisingly optimistic about the long-term potential of the animal advocacy movement.

prairie dog

Take a look around: Despite decades, even centuries of work by advocates, people still have a long way to go on a variety of important issues like race, gender, poverty, etc. The same is true of animal advocacy, which by comparison is a relatively young cause. But in spite of the arguably slow progress of advancing the status of animals in todayís society, there is reason for advocates to be optimistic.

The primary driver of animal abuse is not sadism, but rather indifference and self indulgence. With few exceptions, people do not take pleasure in using and abusing animals. This may seem an obvious or small point, but it also says a lot about the opportunity for advocates to change the human-animal paradigm in the long-term. When people are made aware of animal abuse and provided with clear and viable alternatives, they will choose them. But these changes will take time, and animal advocates need to think long-term with their goals and strategies.

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