Socializing and Networking
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  • Socializing reinforces our resolve.
  • Meeting others and sharing information is inspiring and enjoyable.
  • Social activities and events provide opportunities to educate others about specific animal issues and how it relates to human interests.

Join or host a local vegan potluck.

Many local groups schedule potluck gatherings to meet new people, discuss related issues and to discover new recipes. The Internet is an excellent resource for locating or establishing a group within your area.

Join or start a vegan dine-out group.

Exploring new restaurants in the company of friends and family is an excellent way to try new foods and have fun simultaneously. Fortunately, more and more restaurants are responding to the increasing demands to include vegetarian/vegan options on menus.

Look for vegetarian friendly restaurants and plan a regularly scheduled outing to each one. If your region does not have any "veg-friendly" restaurants, most restaurants offer at least one or two vegetarian options.  Sometimes vegetarian alternatives are not listed on the menu but available upon request.

Most importantly, 'vegetarian/vegan dine-out groups' encourages more restaurants to expand their menu selections in response to the rising demands of vegetarian consumers.

Attend a conference.

National, regional and local vegetarian organizations host conferences and festivals in nearly every spot of the country each year. Whether itís a local festival or a national conference, youíll learn about animal rights issues, vegetarianism, try new veg foods, and have a great time!

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