Vegan Chalking Activism
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May 2017

I sometimes wonder about the cost of certain vegan educational events versus their effectiveness. Vegan "chalkavism" can be an effective and cheap form of vegan activism, while being meditative, artistic, and fun for the activist. Without verbally debating or arguing, you might spark someone thinking and searching for information. You just might peacefully and quietly make a vegan or two.

As a sign-writer, may I advise that you use a ruler for straight lines and use block lettering. Red and white are the best stand-out colors with black lines for shadowing and highlighting.

Signs using fewer words are generally more effective. Think about the location and not putting it somewhere it will get rubbed out right away. It could also be advantageous to leave a link for further education.

Hope these examples will inspire more.

vegan chalking

vegan chalking

vegan chalking

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