BMW Dealership Pulls Name from Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club Website
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April 2018

BMW Dealership ends endorsement of pigeon shoot 'club.'

The Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club (MHHC) is a horrendous venue where Ducks Unlimited holds annual pigeon shoot fundraisers.

A Ducks Unlimited supporter drove his car right at SHARK investigators, nearly hitting them

We looked at sponsors associated with MHHC and reached out to a local BMW dealership. This is the response we received:

Good morning Steve,

Thank you for bring this event to our attention. BMW of Minnetonka has been under new management since January of 2017. At no time have we knowingly been sponsors of the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club. We are already in the process of having our name removed from their website. Any association the store may have had with this club in past years will be terminated immediately. Since this administration knew nothing of the Club ties they may have been severed in the past and the Club failed to remove our logo.

Again thank you for bringing this to our attention.

SHARK will continue to reach out to sponsors and ask why they'd want to have their name stained with the cruelty and violent behavior committed at the MHHC. 

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