Groupon Bans All Shark Products from their Sites Worldwide
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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
May 2014

See original alert - Tell GROUPON to keep their word and NOT sell shark cartilage products

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society sends our thanks to Groupon for enacting a global ban of shark products from their online stores. At a time when the actions of humans have pushed sharks ó apex predators vital to the health and balance of ocean ecosystems ó to the brink of extinction, Groupon has made a responsible decision not only for sharks but also for all life on this Planet Ocean.

Sea Shepherd Asia Director, Gary Stokes has long been in communication with Groupon, urging the company to end all selling of shark products. In 2013, Groupon in Hong Kong removed shark products from their websites, but Groupon USA and others continued these harmful sales.

Gary launched a petition calling on Groupon to take global action ó a petition that received more than 28,000 signatures. Sea Shepherd would also like to thank Pulin Modi of petition website and Candace Crespi and our friends at Oceanic Preservation Society, who helped to spread the word and gather massive support for the sharks.

In the photo below, you can read the email message sent to Gary Stokes by Groupon Asia Pacific, confirming that the campaign to end Grouponís sale of shark products has been a success.

Sea Shepherd Groupon sharks
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Groupon has made a fantastic decision for the sharks, and we salute them for this step forward. We hope that they will now review some of their other offers, especially those promoting captive dolphin and orca shows!

Call to Action: Sea Shepherd asks our supporters to send a thank you note to Groupon for making the right decision for sharks and our oceans. Letís show Groupon, as well as businesses that may still be selling shark products, that the public takes note of decisions that protect sharks from the irreversible fate of extinction.

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