Juliana's Animal Sanctuary, Colombia
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Juliana's Animal Sanctuary
April 2014

We are the second animal shelter in all of South American that protects cows. Juliana's currently cares for one cow and one bullock.

Juliana's Animal Sanctuary is the only sanctuary in Colombia that protects animals of different species -- birds, horses, cattle, dogs, cats and rodents.

We are the second animal shelter in all of South American that protects cows. Juliana's currently cares for one cow and one bullock.

gita rescued cow

Our cow, Gita was rescued from a slaughterhouse in a nearby village. Because of the trauma she suffered on the slaughterhouse farm, she has a rebellious personality and demands respect.

Gita was one of the cows selected to be a milker, a process that requires artificially impregnating (raping) her, but because of her strong personality, she would not allow anyone to touch her. As a result, Gita was forced to wear steel chains on her legs and receive repeated electric shocks to break her spirit. But Gita would not surrender or obey anyone. In the end, the farmers realized she was bad for business and decided to send her to be slaughtered.

She was only one and half years old!

Myself and two friends rescued Gita from this horrible situation by paying the farmer $300 and took her to our farm.

Many years later, Gita still has a rebellious personality and she is not easy to approach. She seems to be always on the defensive and only trusts her two caregivers. When other people visit the shelter Gita will hide among the trees and carefully observe the movements of all. Her favorite foods are panela, fruits and sugar.

balarama rescued bullock

Balarama, the bullock was rescued at the time he was born. Juliana's Animal Sanctuary is located next to one of the largest dairy farms in Colombia. One of the pregnant cows managed to escape, breaking through many fences in a desperate bid to seek refuge in our animal sanctuary. Once she was inside our animal sanctuary she gave birth to her son, however, her owners soon followed and proceeded to her and her child back to the dairy (Typically male calves are sent directly to the slaughterhouse to become “veal,” never to experience the loving bond of a mother).

We immediately offered to pay for the newborn calf; unfortunately, we could not take the mother because our land space is limited. We already had a horse and Gita the cow. Sadly, the mother of our new baby calf, now known as Balarama, had to return to the slavery of the dairy farm. It is a sad fate experienced by tens of millions of cows ever year. But we felt good knowing that we were able to save one innocent boy.

Balarama is not aware of any type of abuse, like his “sister” Gita. He is a very domesticated bullock that enjoys tickles, hugs and kisses and loves to run and play. We promised to his mother to take care of her son.

Today, Gita and Balarama are 8 and 7 years respectively, and live a fully protected life in our sanctuary with the freedom to run, play, sniff, and eat as much grass they want.

They will continue to be free for the rest of their lives with just a little bit of help from you.

Currently, Juliana's Animal Sanctuary protects 35 animals (1 horse, 21 dogs, 7 cats, 2 birds, 2 rodents, 1 cow and 1 bollock), so you can just imagine our daily expenses!

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