An Ordinary Thursday until Rufus and Wainwright
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Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS)
August 2014

Join us and take a stand for Rufus, Wainwright...for all roosters, by not eating eggs.

At 6:30 on a Thursday morning, Kathy Keefe, Director of Sanctuary Operations at CAS, pulls in to begin her busy day.

Minutes later, she answers a neighbor’s call: chickens are running around The Homestead lawn. Concerned, Kathy rushes up the hill to discover two roosters, abandoned during the night and left at the sanctuary’s entrance. And Kathy’s day begins ensuring them a place to call home here among 150 other birds.

rooster Rufus Wainwright

Catskill Animal Sanctuary is inundated with calls from people wanting us to take their roosters. Whether their child participated in a chick hatching program at school or they bought young hens and are surprised to find some are actually roosters, these boys are caught in a world that only wants eggs- not them. The hatcheries that supply feed stores with chicks to meet the demand for eggs, quickly separate the males from the females. The females are packaged and sold while the males are immediately killed. Yet male chicks often slip through this system and end up being sold as females.

rooster Rufus Wainwright

The reality is that back-yard operations, farms marketed as “free-range” or “cage-free,” and factory farms all involve the killing of millions of male chicks a year. Our newest roosters, named Rufus and Wainwright, are among the fortunate few who find a way to safety.

Join us and take a stand for them, for all roosters, by not eating eggs.

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