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lauren Ornelas, Food Empowerment Project
December 2010

It is greed that perpetuates the exporting of exploitation that IS factory farming...

When looking at the big picture, one of the main goals of the Food Empowerment Project is for people to grow their own food. And I do mean grow, not raise—it is unfortunate how many people are adding chickens to their community and/or backyard gardens.

That is why our website features a new page devoted to growing your own food. These are just some thoughts and suggestions– we know you can find loads more on the web.

Giving the world our mistakes…

I think all of us know that there is a huge movement right now where people are trying to eat local – locavores, Michael Pollan followers, whatever they are. They understand the importance of farmer’s markets and of course growing their own food. They see that food grown closer to home is better for the planet (less of a carbon footprint) and the food tastes better.

Just as many of us in the U.S. are starting to recognize this, the corporations in this country are exporting our exploitation. Yes, we are giving the rest of our world our sickness, our greed, our absolute disregard for life. Read more about this on our new page here.

What are we giving the rest of the world? Factory farming! The same "farms" that have polluted our water, tortured animals who are being raised for food and exploited workers.

I can’t say I am shocked, because I know that U.S. corporations are not exactly known for protecting those in other countries from our mistakes – look at how when chemicals are banned in the U.S., corporations still sell them in poor countries.

The reality of this angers me – and it angers me all the more to know that it is greed that perpetuates the exporting of exploitation.

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