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May 2014

Also see Alternatives to Dissection for specific details and programs.

TeachKind has launched an exciting program to help teachers make science classrooms across the country more compassionate places for both students and animals. We are now offering schools donations of humane alternatives to dissection that save animals' lives, help students learn, and cut costs.

If your classroom, school, or district commits to replacing animal dissection with humane alternatives or implements a formal student dissection choice policy, TeachKind will donate free non-animal learning methods for use in the school's science classrooms! There are many options to choose from, including interactive virtual dissection programs such as Digital Frog 2.5 and DissectionWorks.

Interactive computer programs have repeatedly been shown to teach biology more effectively than does the use of cruel and crude animal dissection. Humane methods also create a more inclusive learning environment that does not risk alienating students because of their religious beliefs, their moral values, or any other reasons they might have for refusing to dissect animals. Non-animal methods also save time and money. Even the National Science Teachers Association endorses the use of modern non-animal methods in place of animal dissection.


"The app allows students to completely understand the internal biology of the frog, and use the same dissection tools as they would in a lab to simulate the dissection process. We are very grateful to [Teach Kind] for your generous contribution. The students absolutely love the alternative way of learning. With this application the students are able to perform repetition of the dissection … You have my students’ and my deepest appreciation, and I want you to know that the impact of your donation extends far into the lives of my students."
—Georgia middle school teacher who received virtual dissection donation

"I wanted to check in and let you know that the dissection software and computers have been fantastic! We have been working through the invertebrates and the kids are learning so much more from the virtual software—and we are saving animals! It's been great."
—California high school teacher who received virtual dissection donation

To be considered for our donation program, go here...

Please note: This offer is only available to educators in the United States and Canada.

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