Anti Dog-Chaining Law Passes in Chattanooga
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Dogs Deserve Better
February 2010

The Chattanooga City Council passed an ordinance tonight, saying dogs can no longer be left on chains.

The ordinance allows animal control officers to hand out warnings to people who keep their dogs chained for more than 24 hours.

And if a dog is found chained after a warning is given, the dog can be taken from the owner--and that owner fined.

McKamey officials say chaining a dog for long periods of time is very dangerous for the animal.

"When they are young a collar is put on them and as they grow the collar is getting tighter and tighter, here we call them ingrown collars, where the collar is actually embedded in the dogs neck and has to be surgically removed," said Karen Walsh, from McKamey Animal Center.

The law will take effect mid February 2010. 

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