Apology to Otway Pork
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From Free Range Fraud / Animal Liberation Victoria
September 2013

Animal Liberation Victoria yesterday received a legal letter August 29 from lawyers acting for Otway Pork’s parent company Pastoral Pork, two days after our website Free Range Fraud went live. They have demanded we remove the website and post an unreserved apology or they will proceed with legal action.

Otway Pork free range fraud
The “sick bay” was a sick bay by name only. The forty or so piglets contained in the small shed were not being treated for any of their obvious signs of illness or injury. They were simply in a holding pattern, waiting unknowingly for their lives to end. Spray painted markings on their little bodies told of when their deaths would come. The rescue team walked slowly through the damp straw, scanning every inch of the shed for those most in need; a decision never made without heartache… heartbreak. A careful foot gently nudged a lifeless body...

Otway Pork free range fraud
Shoulder deep in faeces, existence for these pigs is a living hell. Pigs are sensitive, intelligent animals who will naturally build a nest to sleep in, wallow in clean mud and dig in fresh soil. But the pigs on these RSPCA Approved properties are unable to do any of these instinctive behaviours. Instead they are condemned to live in their dank, filthy prisons till the day they are sent to their slaughter.

We will not be removing the website but we do feel an apology is in order, so here it is…

ALV’s Apology to the Pastoral Pork Company

  • We at ALV are extremely sorry that the pigs who live at your facilities are treated so inhumanely.
  • We are sorry that they are forced to live chest deep in their own waste.
  • We are sorry they are suffering from injuries and illnesses and that those injuries and illnesses are left untreated.
  • We are sorry that the pigs’ food and water troughs are covered in filth.
  • We are sorry that dead pigs are left to decompose amongst living pigs.
  • We are sorry that some pigs on your facilities are so stressed and overcrowded that they have turned to cannibalism.
  • We are sorry that we have found warm piglets on your dead piles at two in the morning.
  • We are sorry that some pigs are suffering from spinal deformities due to your lack of care.
  • We are sorry that all the pigs who survive the disgusting conditions at your facilities will die a terrifying death at the slaughterhouse.
  • We are sorry that for so long you have lied to the public regarding the conditions at your properties.
  • We are sorry that you underestimate our resolve and our commitment to the pigs who are at the mercy of your profit driven hands.
  • And finally we are sorry for all the suffering Sheldon, Strawberry, Danny Boy, Delilah, Arni, Doby, Dallas, Casper, Sally, William, Henry, Neo, Little Noah, Shmuel and those thousands of nameless pigs left behind, endured because of you.

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