Baby Pigs and the Ontario Humane Society
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Diana Moreton
December 1998

I bet that someone at the Humane Society already considers them their next meal. There is quite a difference between animal rightists and animal leftists (welfarists).

Diana Moreton's article is in response to a posting on the [email protected] e-mail discussion group by the Rev. Michael Shaw who wrote, in part:

"...yesterday, as a form of protest, a "Pig Farmer" dropped off 9 baby pigs to the London, [Ontario] "Humane Society" right down the street from me. The Farmer thought he was being smart by making someone else raise the pigs. At first I thought this was childish, but then I got to thinking, maybe some people will buy them as pets. The problem though, is that here in London, Pigs were banned from being pets within the City limits about two years ago."

I think you are too optimistic about the fate of those baby pigs that didn't go to the "nice" Farmers Market because they went to the Humane Society. I bet that someone at the Humane Society already considers them their next meal. There is quite a difference between animal rightists and animal leftists (welfarists). Those wonderful, vibrant pigs!! All the terrible repercussions these sensitive and delightful animals caught in the middle of human squabbles must endure! They are there, yes, but do we ever really see them? They have no voice, so what is there to hear? They are the constant, abused mutes. Their grunts and groans for deliverance from Western table adorned with pretty silverware surround us. They are drowned out by wails from bucolic slaughterhouses. They serve only to be squelched at the hands of abusive humans, poised with mouth watering, knife and fork in hand.

This particular thought pattern is at once violent, warped, and indelibly impregnated into Western culture and society. So obviously so, that many are completely blind as to what it actually means. It's like hearing a slogan over and over again and one day it finally dawns on you what it is saying.

The plight of the animals on Earth. Who are they and what do they really mean? It is obvious that mankind does not know how to provide for animals or the function-lust their lives have to offer them. Mankind should not meddle with their personal natures, but because men "religiously" interact with them, it is easier to repress and kill them than to be tolerant of another species' needs. Kill and eat; it's quicker. A means to human ends.

Like Bruce G. Friedrich of PETA said in an interview with Art Bell in June 1998, "Let every man himself go to the Big Red "S" House. Let every man, woman, and child decide who they will serve, themselves or the planet; joining the sect of humans willing to widen their personal circle of compassion to include the animal, too. We can and must rise above the carnage-surrounding human shouting and become One Voice; a clarion one. Why? They, the animals, have requested we do. Isn't it ironic that billions of mutes can make so much noise. How DO we hear them if they can't speak? Why do some folks want to end animal slavery while others do not?"

Perverted cannibalism (animal-flesh eating) is embedded like a twisted microchip in the minds and hearts of billions of people across the globe. After all, what would mankind be like without the ability to repress the animal kingdom? It is unfathomable to think of the concept of an animal in any other way for millions of humans. It is a fact from inception of man, without animals as perpetual victims under our thumbs, we would be a frustrated lot indeed. We would probably, no doubt, war amongst ourselves more than we do now! At least with animals we possess another frame of reference; we can direct rage and hatred toward other species who share our planet! No wonder the NRA and humans that love to hate, who create their own inner circle of legalized violence, are all in a tizzy over animal rights. We would turn the world right side up if everyone refrained from mass murder of animals. Instead of the Garden of Eat'em we would return to the proper spelling and way of life -- Garden of Eden. We can each do our part and return to the very, very beginning, before the end.

One Voice, we can wake One-Sleeping-Heart. One by one, listen! Can you hear the footsteps in the distance as the march of the compassionate clan gains momentum? Stir, sleeping heart!! Expand your compassion --- Include the animals too.

World, together we can eliminate animal slavery, any way we can think of, outside of physical violence, if we really try.

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