Backyard butcher turns himself in
An Animal Rights Article from


The Gentle Barn
June 2012

Ellie Laks, Founder of The Gentle Barn says

This is exactly the kind of work that The Gentle Barn does; we speak up for those who have no voice and take a stand for those who are being mistreated. You can make a difference for animals, your health and the environment in your own life by adopting a plant-based diet. Your support enabled us to do this work and achieve this huge victory for animals and the public and your support in the future will allow us to do it again. Please continue to support us, when you do you are saving lives!

The rescued animals now safe at The Gentle Barn still need medical treatment, top quality nutrition, and round the clock loving care to heal. They will now live the rest of their lives with people who will give them the best care possible.

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This is a tremendous victory, not only for the animals, but for public safety as well. Backyard butchers are not licensed or controlled and are typically abusive and filthy places, selling meat from animals riddled with diseases, some of which are potentially transferable to people.

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