What's Wrong With Backyard Eggs?
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
May 2014

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backyard eggs

With the growing popularity of urban farming, more and more people are becoming interested in starting their own backyard flocks, believing that, by raising their own, or adopting, chickens, and ensuring the highest welfare standards, they can eliminate the suffering inherent in egg production.

The sad reality is that, no matter how well treated laying hens may be in their foreshortened lives, they remain the product of enormous and intentional cruelty that is inflicted only because people continue to consume eggs.

backyard eggs

This hidden cruelty involves:

  • the misery of the captive parents who are bred raw before being killed as young adults
  • it involves the mass murder of the hens' "unprofit- able" siblings (the male chicks and the "defective" female chicks)
  • it involves the crippling disabilities that are genetically induced in the name of egg overproduction
  • it involves a short life in a socially and biologically reduced environment
  • it involves an untimely, and horrifying death.
Please download, print and share the link to this brochure (PDF)!

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