Blessing Then Barbecue Nonsense
An Animal Rights Article from

6 Oct 2010 Hamilton Press New Zealand

BY JENNY MOXHAM Victoria, Australia   WHY does St Francis Church Hillcrest fail to see the incongruity of following an animal blessing service with a sausage sizzle consisting of the bodies of pitiful animals who would have endured a lifetime of suffering and abuse in a factory farm? (Hamilton Press ‘‘Pets invited for church blessing’’, September 29, 2010).

Even more ludicrous, we’re told that the proceeds raised from selling their barbecued bodies will go to animal caring organisations! Isn’t this whole thing totally nonsensical?

Surely the feast of Saint Francis – World Animal Day – is the one day of the year when churches should take the opportunity to condemn the abuse of so many of God’s gentle creatures in factory farms.

Blessing pampered pets while simultaneously contributing to the merciless abuse of other less fortunate animals turns this whole event into a great big farce.

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