Cows on a Pasture of Solid Garbage
An Animal Rights Article from

From Free From Harm
September 2013

cow grazing garbage

Photo taken on November 6, 2011 at Mi Feng solid waste disposal station in China where cattle were found literally “grazing” on human garbage. It has been reported that the owners bring cows here to fatten them up. Once they reach a desired weight, they are then taken to slaughterhouses.

What legacy are we leaving behind? Mountains of waste? Animals we bred left to live among our own waste? To what absurd lengths will we go to keep those hamburgers and steaks on the menu and market our destructive Western diet and lifestyle overseas?

Here’s what animal agriculture’s goal of feeding the world’s population looks like. According to the industry’s own analysts, “Livestock systems occupy 45% of the global surface area…” (1) If we want a sane future for ourselves and future generations, we need a new worldview — and a new plan. The new human ecology is, according to author Will Anderson, our hope and strategy for the future. 

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