Crazed Cows do Not Kill Farmers
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May 2012

A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier.
- H. L. Mencken

NEWSPAPER STORY: Irish Sun, May 21, 2012
HEADLINE: Crazed Cow Kills Farmer

STORY SUMMARY: A dairyman was killed as he tried to save his son ˜ who was being attacked by a cow.

DETAILS: "The animal kicked the helpless pensioner several times at the farm at Clonina near Cree." Eddie, who suffered a broken ankle, was able get back to the family home and raise the alarm. Michael is survived by his wife Maisy and his grown-up children."

* * * * * * *

Cows are not dumb.

Cows are sentient creatures and have memories.

Cows remember the cry of their mothers on that  traumatic day when they were separated at birth.

Cows remember the painful burning sensations when their horns are cauterized as they are being severed from their heads.

Cows remember the pained experience of having their tails removed without anesthesia.

Cows remember the weekly injections which cause their udders to expand to grotesque size, and cows remember the continuous painful mastitis sores on their udders from being overstressed.

Cows grow up and remember the farmer who inserts his own right arm up all the way up to his shoulder into her anus while feeling for a ripe ovary, then injecting a dose of A.I. bull sperm with his left.

Mother cows remember the birth of their own daughters, and the immediate and permanent separation which is the saddest of standard farm operating procedures.

Is it any wonder that the cow attacked the most  evil mammal on earth?

Those who do not attack are the crazed ones.

Newspaper headline writers call normal cows crazed, and crazed cows normal.

Rape my daughter, cut off her body parts, separate her from her own mom, keep her pregnant and when your abuse ends, send her to have her throat cut...I'll show you an action which will re-define your notion of the meaning of "crazed."

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