Despite Arson, Horse Slaughterhouse Says It Will Open On Schedule
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Animal Liberation Frontline
August 2013

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Despite an arson that damaged five air compressors “beyond repair” last week, an upcoming New Mexico horse slaughterhouse now says it will open on schedule. The company had previously stated the arson would “delay” Monday’s opening.

Refrigeration units at the Valley Meat Co. in Roswell., N.M., lit up in flames on Tuesday, in what was speculated to be an arson by animal rights activists. Neither the Animal Liberation Front nor other group has yet taken responsibility.

The plant was to be the first horse slaughterhouse in the nation, after changes at the USDA closed the last remaining three in 2007.

The slaughterhouse has been under tremendous pressure since announcing it would be first in the country to open after the Obama administration recently allowed horse slaughter in the US to resume. The plant faces a federal lawsuit from the Humane Society of the United States and other plaintiffs.

This slaughterhouse was also put on the map in March, when one of its workers shot a horse in the head on camera, and said, “All you animal activists, fuck you.”

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