Eating Animals: Addressing Our Most Common Justifications
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March 2014

Please read, download and share this PDF that offers links, quotes, charts and images that offer valuable responses to the justifications for eating animals that vegans encounter.

Weíve heard them all before ó the justifications people give for continuing to consume animal products even when faced with an abundance of plant-based food options. Here are some of the most common justifications for eating animals that vegans encounter from those confronted with the facts about animal farming and the opportunity to make more compassionate choices. Each objection is followed by a counter argument, which may include links to supporting sources.

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Please read, download and share this PDF that offers links, quotes, charts and images that offer valuable responses to the following "justifications" for eating animals that vegans encounter:

  • If I wasnít meant to eat meat, I wouldnít have these canine teeth!
  • Humans were designed to eat meat; we are omnivores, after all
  • Animals eat other animals, so why shouldnít we?
  • We have been eating meat since the dawn of humankind
  • Our brains developed from meat eating
  • We are apex predators at the top of the food chain
  • Meat eating is as instinctual to us as procreation
  • Eating animals is part of the cycle of life
  • I only buy cage-free eggs and grass-fed beef
  • If farm animals were not treated well, they would not produce for farmers
  • Just because I eat meat doesnít mean I support animal abuse or cruelty
  • We can honor animals by showing respect and gratitude for their ďsacrificeĒ
  • Plants are alive too. Donít vegans believe plants should not be harmed also?
  • Where do you draw the line between what gets harmed for our food choices?
  • The Bible says we have dominion over animals
  • Everyone eats animal products. Itís just the way things are. Youíre never going to change that
  • Vitamin B12 is absent from a vegan diet, which means it is not the diet intended for us
  • Some people fail to thrive, or become ill, when they donít eat animal products
  • Vegans kill more animals than meat eaters
  • Thatís what animals are here for!
  • Animals donít know whatís happening to them when they are raised and slaughtered
  • Humans are more important than animals.
  • If we didnít raise and eat farm animals, they would go extinct
  • If the world went vegan, farmed animals would overrun the earth, starve, and wreak havoc
  • Animals are ferocious and would think nothing of attacking us
  • Raw milk is very nutritious!
  • What I eat is a personal choice! Donít judge me and I wonít judge you!
  • Why should we care about animals when there is so much human suffering in the world?
  • A vegan diet is elitist, a luxury that only some can afford
  • Certain populations and regions rely on animal products since they canít grow food crops
  • Vegans push their beliefs on others and turn others off
  • Vegans are hypocrites; itís impossible to be 100% vegan

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Please download and share this PDF

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