Why the Government Allows Meat Consumption
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


Gary Yourofsky, ADAPTT - Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow
June 2012

[Ed. Note: Listen: The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear...an extraordinary lecture on veganism.]

...because society doesn't reward the ethical vegan, it deifies the cruel meat-eater.

This is the same government that condoned slavery and segregation for hundreds of years. The same government that denied women the right to vote until 85 years ago. The same government that stole America from Natives and called it manifest destiny. The same government that denies equal rights to gays. The same government that labels anyone's opposition to the Iraq War as unpatriotic. I think you get the picture.

The meat and dairy industries represent two of the most powerful and profitable businesses on this planet. Since money makes our government churn, how can it even begin to promulgate the unhealthiness of meat, eggs and dairy, or the immorality of killing billions of animals?

We should never rely on politicians to make the world a more ethical place. Only when we, collectively, climb out of our abyss of callousness, open up our circles of compassion, stop viewing animals as commodities and property, and start viewing them as family, will animals ever achieve the freedom they rightly deserve.

Senators, representatives, the President, even your local police chief, have no incentive to outlaw the killing of animals because society doesn't reward the ethical vegan, it deifies the cruel meat-eater.

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