Comments on Human Nature - Part I
An Animal Rights Article from


C. Sparkie
April 1999

Why DO people feel resentment when they are told it is cruel to eat animals? Why do people who profess to be Christian condone the confinement, torture, and butchering of God's "other" creation?

As human nature dictates, it could be because they REALLY don't care about anything beyond themselves. When a young mother of two says she RESENTS receiving a little picture of a pig smiling with words Pigs Are Friends--Not Food, it substantiates this theory. With this reaction she promotes animal cruelty behind the slaughterhouse door.

Every person who exploits animals rationalizes their own brand of animal cruelty to justify their position, because we are the stronger species. Because we are stronger does not give us the right to exploit creatures weaker than us. People who profess to be Christian conveniently quote Scripture to defend animal cruelty for food. So what does differentiate those that selflessly extend compassion to all of God's creation and those that don't? Why such a profound dichotomy of heart, of action? Why do some professed Christians interpret the Gospel to mean embracement of all God's creation; and some just to mean mankind? Will the REAL Christian please stand up. Do those who extend their mercy to the animal world intentionally promote compassion to appear holier than thou, like we are so often accused? Is this is why we behave this way; to come off more self-righteous than the next guy? The best defense is a good offense.

I felt something wonderful born inside me when I evolved down a path of lesser selflessness. I chose it because I believe this is what life is about. It is not about me. It is about them. It is about the suffering of any race, sex, or species. If a person dies before realizing this, they had the disease of speciesism, another costly form of ignorance, and have missed the entire purpose of life. This is tragic. Though more painful, a speciesism-free life holds much more wonder; more abundance of discovery. They would have found their Garden of Eden, but could not find the strength in all of their superiority and might against those weaker than they. They were not strong enough in all of their superiority to purposely pass from death to life; to relinquish selfishness to selflessness. In this process, they concentrate on and make sure they take as many down, weaker than they, with them.

World, give up your relentless persecution of animals! Stop embracing cruelty just because they are weaker! Mankind takes every opportunity imaginable to project hatred, fear, and pain onto animals, all the while proving they are the perpetual boss of the Universe.

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